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A Transformative Discussion

Why can’t Rachel Dolezal be black?

Why can’t Rachel Dolezal be black?

Maybe someday that question will find itself listed in a history book on what changed racial consciousness. In several mainstream media outlets, an awkward and exciting conversation has been started on race. Dolezal was born and raised White. She later decided to become Black and assimilated into the Afro-American community. She’s identified as Black for ten years now and became head of her local NAACP.

So if race—like gender—is a social construct, how can Bruce Jenner be a woman and Dolezal not be Black? That’s because the Black community refuses to accept those who were not Black at birth. Many of the same scholars who have paraded the idea that race doesn’t exist for years have revealed themselves as biological determinists. Race is real and it is genetic.

And the conservative response demanding to know the difference with Jenner drove the direction into a subversive direction.

Right after we learn that biology doesn’t matter with, we learned that it does with Dolezal. Considering how the “race is a social construct” meme is more deeply entrenched into our society than “gender is a social construct,” the episode with the Washington NAACP leader is a welcome setback to this cause. It is also a huge setback to those who think we can pick and choose our identity, rather than we are born with our identity.

In many ways, it was just what we needed after we were told to call Bruce Caitlyn.

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‘Welcome In My Party’

But on Sunday, the wave of Jenner acceptance among Republicans might have just started.

There was something intrinsically apocalyptic to the euphoria surrounding Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover photo that shocked even “live and let live” conservatives.

But on Sunday, the wave of Jenner acceptance among Republicans might have just started. South Carolina Senator and impossible presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said that he would gladly welcome the new female into his party.

“If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a Republican, she is welcome in my party,” said Graham, who, along with many other candidates, is seeking the GOP nomination for President in the 2016 election. “I’m a pro-life, traditional marriage kind of guy, but I’m running to be President of the United States.”

“If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be safe and have a prosperous economy, vote for me,” Graham responded. “I’m into addition. I haven’t walked in her shoes, I don’t have all the answers to the mysteries of life. I can only imagine the torment that Bruce Jenner went through; I hope she has found peace.

And, to bring this all back to the real enemy:

“In the eyes of radical Islam, they hate you as much as they hate Caitlyn Jenner. They hate us all because we won’t agree to their view of religion. So America, we are all in this together.”

It’s interesting how the party that once billed itself as the one of values and tradition can have one of its leaders embrace someone who single-handedly overturns all those things with one photo shoot. But since Jenner is hated as much by radical Islam as Bible-loving Middle Americans, that makes him alright and worthy of protection.

Graham might let on what defines the current conservative mindset. Instead of values, all Republicans care about is a vague sense of safety and a “prosperous economy.” That neither requires a culture nor ideals to accomplish. All it needs is a well-financed, well-equipped military and a value-system that stresses material gain. America checks all those boxes; ISIS doesn’t.

Maybe that’s why Graham and his ilk hate radical Islam so much. . .

Radical Islam is no longer seen as the enemy of Western civilization in the eyes of the leading Republican Senator, but as a threat to the prevailing post-Western orthodoxy.

In other words, it takes effeminate war hawks to defend transsexuals from the terror of Islamism.

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Like the Roman: White Women’s Lives Matter

After the world had to suffer under the oppressive stare of a freakish looking transsexual for a whole week, it’s about time we got some news to give us hope.

After the world had to suffer under the oppressive stare of a freakish looking transsexual for a whole week, it’s about time we got some news to give us hope.

In South Philadelphia, several Whites are organizing to put a stop to vicious black female attacks on White women.

A South Philadelphia community has had enough of its neighbors being attacked.

The outrage spurred a large rally Tuesday night despite the rain.

150 to 200 people gathered at 4th and Wolf to protest a rash of what they claim are racial attacks at the hands of four black women who live nearby.

“These females have been terrorizing the neighborhood; they have robbed, attacked and beat others in our neighborhood,” event organizer Jack Owens said. . .

Another woman who also did not want to be identified says the women attacked her inside her home calling her racial epithets when she tried to intervene.

“Next thing I know, I hear, ‘white [expletive] we’re gonna [expletive] you up!'” the woman said. “Next thing I know they’re inside spitting at me, pounding at my face, beating me.”

The police did nothing about these reports until the community came together to protest. Now, they’re getting taken seriously and city councilors are demanding action.

One protester at the rally even held up a sign that read “White Women’s Lives Matter”—a nice reversal of the overblown #BlackLivesMatter.

Let’s see if this portends to a positive trend in this country.

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STIHIE: ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner

Since the creation of the “So This is How it Ends” series back in the Alt Right days, I don’t we think have witnessed something that encapsulates the Kali Yuga in one single image.

Since the creation of the “So This is How it Ends” series back in the Alt Right days, I don’t think we have witnessed something that encapsulates the Kali Yuga in one single image.

The former Olympian Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shoot coming out to the world as a chick named “Caitlyn” manages to mold all our present insanity into one disgusting photo.

It was praised to the moon and back by our press and even the President’s chief adviser as a courageous and wonderful thing.

The fact that the American elite is celebrating this rather than retching uncontrollably shows just how much our society’s morality is warped.

We only show this to let our readers know why we must fight for a better world. This is what our future looks like if we don’t change course.

Somewhere our ancestors are watching us and praying for Ragnarok. We the living can only hope for a redemption from this madness.

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Unacceptable Standards

The American military’s plan to impose gender equality on combat units just hit another roadblock.

The American military’s plan to impose gender equality on combat units just hit another roadblock.

All eight women who entered into the latest Ranger School class washed out. That’s a stunning blow for the Army’s propaganda that these women could’ve made it through the intense, two-month course designed to train the service’s best warriors.

But as with all these developments, the inevitable call for lowering standards is being voiced. According to Ranger grads contacted by the Christian Science Monitor, the grueling course needs to be changed to emphasize “leadership” rather than physical prowess. To one of the men interviewed, the standards are just about men having the ability to “thump their chests” and are not about anything important.

And, apparently, women could really benefit Ranger units.

This argument is less about gender equity than the firm belief that women can make Ranger battalions better. In modern warfare, relations with local populations are crucial, and women Rangers would provide unique value added in places such as Afghanistan or Iraq, where cultural norms often prohibit contact between male soldiers and women. Ranger School also showed women were innovative problem-solvers who offered fresh approaches in the field.

If women are such innovative thinkers, then why didn’t they figure out a way to pass Ranger School?

Whatever these guys might say, this is all about gender equity and pushing an agenda that there are no real differences between the sexes.

However, unlike most professions, combat roles involve life-or-death situations and the job is to win wars. Thus, a woman’s insufficient ability to perform could mean much more than a poorly done quarterly report. But the justification for women in combat units is just the same for why females should be in investment banking or corporate law: “it’s about the best people getting the right jobs.”

That’s a different thought process from that of the warrior who just wants the most effective fighting unit and understands that means all-male units.

You can see this dichotomy demonstrated in a January USA Today article on Ranger School’s doors opening for women.

Here’s a retired Marine general on the matter:

“The overwhelming majority of those who have experienced direct ground combat are in favor of keeping the exclusion in order to preserve the combat power of those units,” said Gregory Newbold, a retired Marine Corps lieutenant general who served in the infantry.

Newbold said introducing women into the primitive fighting and living conditions of the infantry and other ground combat units would erode the units’ effectiveness.

“What I’m talking about is the inevitable consequences of human dynamics,” he said.

Here’s a women’s advocate on the same issue:

But Nancy Duff Campbell, co-president of the National Women’s Law Center, said allowing women to compete for all jobs will ensure the military gets the best people in the right jobs.

“We think women should be permitted to compete for everything,” she said.

I’m sure ISIS is quaking at the thought of our new and improved military.

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‘Teaching’ Tolerance

Could your child be a potential homophobe?

Could your child be a potential homophobe?

This is a question haunting urban elves and making them wonder how they will ensure they’re kids don’t grow up to be ignorant rubes.

At least, that’s what a Slateguide is telling me. Specifically: “The Straight Parents’ Guide to How Not to Raise a Homophobe—and How to Be a Better Ally.”

Written by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, a journalist based in tony part of London, the premise behind the article is the author’s three-year-old son erroneously thinking that proper families have one mommy and one daddy. In an attempt to overcome her child’s programmed bigotry (which apparently contradicts all those notions that hatred is learned), McRobbie sought out the help of a “respected” lesbian mom with the appropriate nickname, Mombian.

After consulting with Mombian and the vast literature on how to drum racial thoughts out of White kids, this guide offered clear strategies to ensure your kid would never think that the norm for families is to have biological parents raise children.

They include:

  • Talk about sexual identity in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Censor yourself and only use language that promotes tolerance
  • Use toys and games to drill into your kid’s head that it’s ok to have two mommies or two daddies.
  • Buy books and media that will indoctrinate them into thinking like any good little urban elf should

What’s pretty interesting here is the insane amount of anxiety this woman has about her kid not thinking the right thoughts. It’s clear, as McRobbie even somewhat admits, that this quest to be a “good ally” is not driven by some altruistic desire to make her kid better, but to alleviate her own liberal guilt. In order to do that, it requires brainwashing her children into buying into political correctness at the earliest age possible.

That also means confusing them when the child inevitably asks, “Did the two mommies make the kid?” when the answer is clearly no. Though McRobbie seems fine with denying basic biology for the sake of ideology as she claims that Mombian “had” her son with her female partner and never is the idea that her child’s wonderment at the idea of two same-sex parents is a natural response to an unnatural phenomenon. But then again, this might be the ideal model for 21st century families, according to bank commercials.

It’s also noteworthy that thinking it’s odd for a child to have two same-sex “parents” is now classified as homophobia. The definition for intolerance keeps expanding.

It’s obvious that this guide is driven more by status consciousness than by any commitment to principles. The parent implicitly feels that her own standing will be hurt if her kid notices obvious truths and she will lose progressive credibility. Considering that this guide was published in the go-to opinion source for upper-class liberals, it’s apparent McRobbie’s readers share her convictions. It’s worth remembering that the stated politics of urban elves is not necessarily determined by sincere belief, but by social conditioning that tells them what views are acceptable. This is the same type of conditioning that’s driving this young mother up the wall about her progeny’s beliefs.

But what this guide really tells us is that the most socially-conscious liberals, the same people who 20 or 30 years ago would’ve been wanting their kids to form their own thoughts now want to force their kids to believe in all the same things that they do. It’s 2015 y’know, and free thought is for another century.

There was one rich response to the guide that undermined its liberal credibility—the author never entertained the thought her boy might grow up to be gay. This was a clear faux pas and resulted in some serious finger wagging from the observant commenter.

Which goes to show that there’s always progress to be made.

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Immigration We Should Support

A few White South Africans are making a bold move and demanding the right of return to Europe.

A few White South Africans are making a bold move and demanding the right of return to Europe. We all know of the awful lot they face remaining in the country that once was theirs, so it is only natural for some Afrikaners to think—in the words of Charlize Theron—that there’s no future for a White South African.

And so now, there’s a petition that calls upon the European Commission to grant Afrikaners and other White South African the right to return to Mother Europe.

Rodrigo de Campos, who started the campaign, is gaining support for his belief that the “white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions” at the hands of the ruling ANC government, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party and “various individual anti-white aggressors”.

He also says: “Over 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered, often including torture and rape and mutilation.”

An increasing number of supporters believe the solution to this is for white South African’s – and white Zimbabweans and Namibians – to be allowed to “return” to whatever nation the majority of their ancestors are from – which in most cases is the Netherlands or the UK.

Quite rightly, de Campos uses Israel’s right of return to argue his case:

The petition compares white South Africans to Jews being allowed citizenship in Israel.

It says: “Based on the Israeli government’s policy of allowing all Jews the right to return to Israel, we believe it is not only advisable but morally obligatory that Europe should allow all white South Africans the right to return.”

The Express printed the reasons why White South Africans are signing the petition, and they’ll break your heart:

Susan Mulder, who signed the petition from Cape Town, said: “My life and the lives of my children are at risk daily.

“We love SA but are no longer welcome here in the country our ancestors built.

“We have no option but to ask for your help.”

Another supporter of the petition is Marischka Davies, living in Liverpool. She said: “I am a naturalised British citizen yet my mom is stuck on her own in South Africa.

“She should be growing old with her daughter and granddaughter.

“She has been attacked with an AK47 held to her head and is alone and traumatised. She deserves to be free from living in fear.”

While Matty de Bruyn, in Cape Town, simply said: “There is no hope for the white man in South Africa.”

The petition has gained nearly 17,000 signees as of this moment and I urge all RADIX readers to support this measure. These are our people in need, and this is immigration that will actually benefit our lands—unlike the typical immigrants of today.

As support for this measure continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how the EC responds to this humanitarian plea for assistance.

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STIHIE: Ideal Family

Here’s the ad for our readers who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet

I mentioned Wells Fargo’s commercial featuring two lesbians learning sign language to communicate with a deaf Latina they’re adopting in a post yesterday, but I determined that it deserved a repost as its very own STIHIE feature.

Here’s the ad for our readers who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet:


It truly is a historical milestone for something like this to run on national networks. . .for the sole purpose of convincing people to put their money in the hands of one of America’s largest banks. It was only 11 years ago when George W. Bush was able to secure re-election due in part to his support of the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Now a cross-racial, lesbian adoption set-up is celebrated by one of the nation’s most powerful corporations as an ideal family. . .in an advertisement designed with the whole country in mind.

Still, to most sane people, this whole notion of allowing gay couples to adopt is ridiculous. Yet, people accept it and the chattering class tells us how great of parents same-sex couples are—all while insinuating that any White family that has too many kids must be some kind of creepy cult.

Data, naturally overlooked by the media, supports the instinctual notion that there’s something inherently wrong with the situation Wells Fargo praises. One recent study conclusively shows that children raised by same-sex couples are four times more likely to have emotional problems as children raised by traditional couples. This prompted Think Progress to attack it as flawed, but the only issues they could find were minor quibbles, such as the fact that the same-sex couples studied were mostly unmarried. But the liberal blog fails to tell us how that would change the circumstances and fails to mention that gay marriage is a very recent phenomenon in the United States, which would entail an infinitesimally smaller and virtually useless sample size. Besides, Think Progress seems to consider marriage a meaningless concept when applied to other situations. Talk about flawed reasoning.

Regardless of the pitfalls of gay adoption, the worst part of this ad is how a spokeswoman for Wells Fargo characterized it: it’s just another soulless, substance-less pitch to get more customers for their company.

“The notion of all of these ads is really telling stories to create a sense of togetherness,” said Jamie Moldafsky, chief marketing officer for Wells Fargo. She said one out of every three households in the country is a Wells Fargo customer, and the company wanted its ads to reflect the diversity of all its customers.

Other ads will show a Hispanic truck driver and his daughter, an older African-American woman and her friends, and two others feature families of Asian descent.

“Our hope is that in doing this we can talk to our customers more and engage with them about what’s important to them,” Moldafsky said. . .

Moldafsky said she’s aware that some people may take issue with the ads, but the company is firm in its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“We understand it may not resonate with everybody, but it taps into something important and universal, and is an expression of our commitment to the LGBT community at large,” she said.

But the bank’s new ads aren’t entirely altruistic.

She also pointed out the large number of same-sex couples now raising children — a target audience that Wells Fargo is trying to capture. Nearly 40% of same-sex couples between the ages of 22 and 55 are raising children, according to census data.

Plus, she said, the story behind the ad is universal.

“They want to be the best parents they can be,” she said. “That’s true of all adoptive parents.”

I partially agree with Moldafsky—there is a universal message here. No matter how wrong or stupid the latest social justice trend may be, corporations will commodify it and sell it to the public for a pretty penny. It pays well to be on the side of progress.

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19 Kids and Hating It

Our society loves to watch the “morally pure” fall from grace.

Our society loves to watch the “morally pure” fall from grace.

The stars of 19 Kids and Counting–the Duggar Family–are under intense scrutiny after a grocery store rag revealed that the clan’s oldest son was once charged with sexual molestation for acts he committed while he was 14 years old. Josh Duggar, now 27, was forced to publicly apologize and resign from his position at the Family Research Council.

His family are renowned for their evangelical Christianity and support of socially conservative causes. Josh’s former employer, the FRC, is a staunch opponent of gay marriage and the man himself gave ferocious speeches against the practice at public events.

Add all this up, and you have some ripe targets for a left-wing outrage fest. While it is understandable to show anger at a guy who molested young girls, he was also a dumb teenager doing dumb things. He should’ve been punished at the time, but he wasn’t. Now, he’s being punished retroactively by the media.

Yet the condemnations the younger Duggar and his family are receiving aren’t due to his horrible acts he did as a teen—it’s due to what his family represents. The Left hates big, happy White families and it is reveling in this story. It’s giving individuals like Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern—who once penned a column defending the joys of barebacking—an opportunity to give lectures on morality and gloat over their shamed foes.

Stern’s take on the l’affaire Duggar probably represents a milestone in the “culture war,” a point where the enemies of the Left are no longer just monsters, but monsters worthy of pity.

Here’s the writer’s view on what he thinks is the cause for the family heir’s horrible actions:

The leaders of the Duggar clan are undoubtedly hypocrites of the highest order. Josh’s heinous crime merits our utmost moral condemnation, and his victims deserve sympathy and compassion. But it would be shortsighted to treat Josh with nothing more than mocking, scornful ire. Josh may be a monster—but as 19 Kids and Counting demonstrates, his path to depravity was lighted by the twisted beliefs of his parents.

Although TLC goes to great lengths to mask this fact, the Duggar family is a cult. They forbid their children from exploring outside ideas and expression, carefully monitoring every word and image they are exposed to. They forbid them from wearing shorts. They homeschool them in order to indoctrinate them with backward beliefs. They refuse to let their adult daughters kiss or hold hands before marriage and demand to read every text between their daughters and their suitors. They adhere to a fringe Christian movement called the “Christian patriarchy,” which commands total female submission to men and limited education for women. The Duggars do everything they can to control their children’s minds, then brainwash them with misogynistic dogma.

Josh Duggar grew up in this sexist milieu. He was told that women exist to serve men—to show them “submission,” “obedience,” and “reverence.” He was barred from seeking out any differing views about men and women. His mind was warped from childhood. Is it any surprise that, by the time he reached adolescence, he believed girls’ bodies were his to touch however he pleased?

Well, in the age of Beta Dads writing blank checks for their night-riding daughters, I have no real qualms with this “Christian patriarchy.” Sounds like Jim Bob Duggar is a modern-day paterfamilias looking out for the best interests of his family. But, then again, that’s “subjugation and repression.” Instead, he should want his children to be like the moral paragon Mark Joseph Stern and write about homosexuality for a living.

What Stern and the rest of the Duggar critics reveal is a hatred for the family’s values rather than a genuine disgust with the younger man’s actions. If the amount of coverage is due to natural outrage at the thought of high-profile figures molesting kids, then there would been an equal amount of condemnation of Terry Bean, a prominent donor to LGBT and left-wing causes, for raping minors. Not surprisingly, there was relatively little coverage of that incident, much less any deep analysis that blamed Mr. Bean’s abuse of children on his hedonistic lifestyle. Same goes for Lena Dunham, who was allowed to go into a self-righteous “rage spiral” against those who attacked her for sexually molesting her sister. Instead of being deemed a “monster” for commiting the same transgression as Josh Duggar, Dunham’s act was defended in the media.

It is easy to mock the Duggars as goofy Christians (who are invariably obsessed with Israel) and view the family as “monstrous” hypocrites for failing to live up their principles. But when the stone throwers consist primarily of flamboyantly degenerate gay men and women with barren wombs, I’m going to be sympathetic to the family that raised 18 perfectly normal White kids (that excludes Josh, of course).

Unfortunately for the Duggars, their family model is outdated in our times. Rather the ideal “family” is now best represented by a commercial for the bank Wells Fargo. In the ad, it shows us two aging, “career-minded” lesbians learning sign language so they can communicate with the deaf Latina they’re adopting. This is supposed to be heartwarming depiction of what a great family looks like in 2015.

The Duggars—with 19 White kids living under the rules of an authoritative father—don’t meet the new ideal.

Wonder if the show runners of 19 Kids and Counting will replace the family with a gay couple that decides to adopt 19 Somalians. Who’s to say that’s not a real family?

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Training the Neurotic Elite

Ivy League students sit at the pinnacle of American society and are considered the seeds for the nation’s future elite. Told they’re the best, the cream of the crop, their education serves as their ticket to the most prestigious jobs and profitable endeavors.

Ivy League students sit at the pinnacle of American society and are considered the seeds for the nation’s future elite. Told they’re the best, the cream of the crop, their education serves as their ticket to the most prestigious jobs and profitable endeavors.

But what experiences do these institutions grant to those lucky enough to receive an acceptance letter? A grueling four-year long boot camp that trains our elite to be neurotic, materialistic, pedantic, and depressed worker bees that can keep the System chugging along.

I’ve written on this phenomenon before, but a contributor to Vice now offers a first-hand account of what’s it like to actually attend an Ivy League school.

Zack Schwartz recounts his dismal experience attending Columbia University and the type of person who typically attends a school like his eventual alma mater.

There’s a myth that you have to be interesting and hard-working to get into an Ivy League school. I was disappointed to find out otherwise. Certainly, there are some amazing people, but you also have kids who would attend an Ivy no matter what—the children of Fortune 500 CEOs, movie stars, Middle Eastern royalty. There have been multiple pieces recently exposing Ivy League admissions as ” a sham” and “rigged in favor of the privileged,” and I’ve even overhead students laughing and saying stuff like, “I definitely wouldn’t be here if my dad didn’t donate.” So, to all the kids who came from public schools, who worked hard, and didn’t get in anywhere—that’s who took your spot.

I’m still appalled at how shallow some of my classmates are. How the fuck did you get in? I wonder. But it makes sense. A lot of kids turn out to be interesting only on paper. Sure, they might have lived in four different countries and traveled to 20 more, but those experiences were bought.

Here’s Schwartz explaining the lofty goals most Columbia students have:

If you graduate from an Ivy and don’t have a lucrative job waiting for you, it’s shameful. So many students disregard passion, disregard their own interest and hobbies—things you can’t list on a résumé—and get ground up and spat out with a suit, a smile, and a hollow inside. This is the reason why the most popular major at Ivies is financial economics—even at Brown, the school known for making grades optional, has students flocking to study the “dismal science” so they can cash in upon graduation.

I’ve seen kids who came in as incredibly talented musicians give up and go into finance. I’ve seen kids who wanted to be astronauts give up and go into finance. At Ivies, dreams take a backseat to prestige and stability.

But why do these bright kids with artistic ambitions turn to the soul-sucking world of finance?

Here’s where the Ivy League’s relationship with finance comes in. Once this environment crushes you and makes you realize that achieving your dreams is going to require a lot more rejection than you’re used to, Wall Street swoops in. Not every Ivy has this relationship with Wall Street, but the phenomenon of banks and financial firms preying on vulnerable, intelligent students is well documented. “Here,” they say. “Here’s money and stability and prestige, all the things you deserve, because you’re a straight-A student who made all the right choices.” The only thing you don’t get from that is honor. [Emphasis added]

It is interesting that the aristocrats of yore prized honor as the highest virtue and considered it more important than life itself. Our current elites seem deprived of that value—and have no qualms about it.

And they also appear miserable beyond comprehension.

My first night at Columbia, a girl jumped out of her window. I saw the blood on the pavement. Depression is normal, but here, it’s the norm…

An Ivy can change your life for the better, but there’s a price you pay for that. You’re going to have fight for your happiness constantly. You’re going to have a hard time finding “real” people. And you’re going to sleep very, very little.

So why do we still think of those with credentials from prestigious schools as gods amongst mortals? Our managerial elite aren’t impressive—they’re just sad, pathetic souls tasked with the burden of running a multiracial state and a globalized economy.

If we ever want the society that lives up to the virtues of our ancestors, we need genuine aristocrats in charge—not these neurotic busybodies.

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