Radix publishes original work on culture, race, tradition, meta-politics, and critical theory.

The Journal has two, interrelated components. It is an online magazine, RadixJournal.com, a biannual print journal, and a publishing imprint.

The Journal and imprint were founded in 2012; RadixJournal.com went live in 2013.


Andrew Joyce

Richard B. Spencer
Publisher and Founder

Ownership and Mission

Both RADIX and RadixJournal.com are published by The National Policy Institute.

Radical Identity

Radix is a Latin word meaning “root” or “stem.” It is the basis of a number of familiar words in English, including “radical” and “race.” The “extremist”—that is, he who takes things too far—is merely excessive. The “radical,” in the true sense of the word, seeks to uncover the heart and source of the matter.