Leading up to the election, Radix Journal will publish a symposium, “The Meaning of Trump,” drawing writers from across the Alt Right. This is ZEURST! Editor-in-chief Manuel Ochsenreiter’s entry.

What would a “President Trump” mean for Germany? First – I don´t generally care who is leading the administration in Washington. I don´t care if a candidate wants public health insurance or promotes or demonizes guns. If an American president cheers the LGBT movement – why not? Where else than in the USA? Maybe they’ll even invite the European LGBT mutants to migrate to California? Yes, please!

The only reason for a European to sympathize with an American President would be if they seriously had plans to withdraw US troops from our continent.

Would a “President Trump” do that? It’s very, very unlikely. But maybe we should have some more patience. Because Trump could change the pattern of international relations in the White House if he has the will and the stamina to do so. His announced foreign policy plans don´t sound so bad: Less meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, less military interventions, and less “world police.”

And of course a “President Trump” would make American policy entertaining for us Europeans! That might be maybe the most positive aspect for Europeans. We hope that “President Trump” will mock our German chancellor Angela Merkel as much as he already has in his campaign. That would be much appreciated.