After the world had to suffer under the oppressive stare of a freakish looking transsexual for a whole week, it’s about time we got some news to give us hope.

In South Philadelphia, several Whites are organizing to put a stop to vicious black female attacks on White women.

A South Philadelphia community has had enough of its neighbors being attacked.

The outrage spurred a large rally Tuesday night despite the rain.

150 to 200 people gathered at 4th and Wolf to protest a rash of what they claim are racial attacks at the hands of four black women who live nearby.

“These females have been terrorizing the neighborhood; they have robbed, attacked and beat others in our neighborhood,” event organizer Jack Owens said. . .

Another woman who also did not want to be identified says the women attacked her inside her home calling her racial epithets when she tried to intervene.

“Next thing I know, I hear, ‘white [expletive] we’re gonna [expletive] you up!'” the woman said. “Next thing I know they’re inside spitting at me, pounding at my face, beating me.”

The police did nothing about these reports until the community came together to protest. Now, they’re getting taken seriously and city councilors are demanding action.

One protester at the rally even held up a sign that read “White Women’s Lives Matter”—a nice reversal of the overblown #BlackLivesMatter.

Let’s see if this portends to a positive trend in this country.