Since the creation of the “So This is How it Ends” series back in the Alt Right days, I don’t think we have witnessed something that encapsulates the Kali Yuga in one single image.

The former Olympian Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover shoot coming out to the world as a chick named “Caitlyn” manages to mold all our present insanity into one disgusting photo.

It was praised to the moon and back by our press and even the President’s chief adviser as a courageous and wonderful thing.

The fact that the American elite is celebrating this rather than retching uncontrollably shows just how much our society’s morality is warped.

We only show this to let our readers know why we must fight for a better world. This is what our future looks like if we don’t change course.

Somewhere our ancestors are watching us and praying for Ragnarok. We the living can only hope for a redemption from this madness.