Getting an Identitarian message out is tough—especially when most of our White peers gush over harebrained acts like volunteering in Africa to help the hearing-impaired.

To overcome the derision and knee-jerk revulsion toward our ideas, we have to use tactics that break out of the box—tactics that may shock but cost little to accomplish.

Last week, there were two great examples of pro-White trolling that ignited the Internet.

The most famous example, of course, were weev’s promoted tweets. Weev is the nom de guerre of Andrew Auernheimer, a famous hacker who has now dedicated himself to doing his part to save the White race. So he decided to exploit a loophole in Twitter’s ad console that allowed him to post benign messages warning about the danger White people find themselves in.

Here’s the language:

Whites need to stand up for one another and defend ourselves from violence and discrimination. Our race is dying.

And the more trolly:

White pride, world wide. Do you know the 14 words?

While these messages shouldn’t be too offensive for most reasonable people, weev decided to target these tweets to the people who would be the most outraged by pro-White messages: rabid leftists.

And outraged they became. A firestorm of anger followed on Twitter and several media outlets wrote up denunciations of both weev’s message and Twitter’s lack of advertising standards. He essentially earned free media and attention for his message at the cost of only a “few pennies” to purchase the ads. Naturally, it also caused him to be banned from using Twitter’s ad platform for promoting “hate speech,” but that doesn’t preclude others from following in his path and tailoring similar tweets for the same mission. . .which several other trolls decided to do.

So it was an all-around success that demonstrated an unorthodox method for getting our message out there. . .all at the cost of a few dimes.

And that wasn’t the only bit of internet troll activism that was committed last week. The University of California-Los Angeles was beset with a real crisis when an Asian student was caught scrolling an anti-immigrant, pro-European message on a flyer supporting Africans flooding into the continent. An article published by the school paper reported that the campus police are view the act of free speech as a “hate crime” and police spokeswoman Nancy Greenfield vowed to hunt down the preppy little Asian who did it.

Unfortunately for the Daily Bruin, this story was picked up by The Right Stuff guys and they nuked the comments section—dropping hilarious truth bombs all around.

Here’s a few examples:

He know that after the whites gone they comin after his people. How much you wanna bet this kid Japanese. He know that his people trying to hold the line against the whole damn international system. Fight on little tiger

Not wanting the peoples of Europe to be bred out of existence, and their economies crushed by an endless torrent of uneducated unskilled immigrants is hate speech? >Nancy GREENSTEIN … I should have known …

Somalians have contributed greatly to the field of political science and humanitarian studies. Novel concepts like Anarcho-Islamism, Paleo-Libertarianism and conflict resolution strategies have emerged from this unique culture and its way of interpreting the world around it. We’re pretty blinded here in the West by our white supremacist Western Canon way of thinking that emphasizes property rights and social stability.

Apology accepted. Btw, those Muslims are so spiritual, they are really in touch wit the earth – so authentic!

Of course this greatly upset the curators of the Daily Bruin and they shut down the comments section for the “offensive nature of discussion around this article” as they probably figured they couldn’t delete every single message—that’d be too much work I suppose.

Both weev’s Twitter ads and the hijacking of the Daily Bruin’s comment section shows Identitarian-minded folks breaking through the walls of mandated discourse and spreading our message to many who are unaware our ideas exist. Let’s hope for more troll activism in the future.