Society always needs its scapegoats. When social unrest reaches a breaking point and order appears lost, hapless victims are found for society to unleash its collective violence upon. Their guilt or innocence is of little concern as they are blamed for all the ills plaguing a community, with the hope that the scapegoat’s death or expulsion will restore calm to the disturbed tribe.

In Baltimore right now, six police officers are serving as the scapegoats for a city demanding justice for the death of heroin dealer Freddie Gray. But it’s not just Gray’s death that has Black Baltimoreans up in arms—it’s the injustices Blacks apparently face on a daily basis in America that has them mad as hell. As the public is treated to one long shaming session on racism, a few Baltimore cops are facing several years in jail for what could’ve been a routine arrest that resulted in a self-inflicted injury on the part of the arrestee. With a Black prosecutor seeking political fortune and a city government dominated by Blacks, it’s all but assured these officers will fry in court.

If they’re not, Baltimore will burn again and the mayor, the state’s attorney, and many others will be out of jobs. This is life in a Black-run city. The cops are serving the role of the sacrificial victims to the violence of the angry ghetto, and their incarceration is intended to sate the thirst for vengeance for a community that has the ear of the nation’s elite.

The important takeaway from the indictment of these six officers is who multiracial America is choosing to scapegoat. In a culture that gives non-whites—particularly Blacks—moral superiority over Whites, we will kowtow to their demands no matter how ridiculous they are. . .even if those demands mean the undermining of the only force that provides a semblance of order in their neighborhoods. Cops are now the preferred scapegoats for the sole reason that they are the symbols of a justice system Blacks hate, a justice system Blacks want undermined for their benefit.

However, this justice system has to be on harsh on Blacks in order to preserve stability and a measure of safety in a multiracial state. The current campaign against tough policing, if successful, would effectively turn any city with a large percentage of Blacks into a third world hellhole.

Yet, that might not harm the System or the urban elves that feverishly cheer on non-white interests.

Safely ensconced in expensive areas with militarized police, urban elves never have to deal with real-life minorities. . .outside of a few cat calls. Similar to how hoity-toity New Englanders forced busing upon lower-income Whites in Boston in the 1970s, these people don’t have to live with the consequences of hands-off crime policies. They’ve watched The Wire, they know that, deep-down, these inner-city Blacks are smart and have hearts of gold. That’s why they care so deeply about what happened to a man who’s only profession in life was pushing poison in his own neighborhood. Cops are the wrong kind of Whites anyway with their bigotry, their masculinity, their brutality, and their lack of sophistication.

If prison reform, eliminating stop-and-frisk, and other measures that would weaken law enforcement are implemented, it’s very likely that cities like Baltimore will get even worse and turn into Mogadishus in our midst—complete with corrupt government, high-crime, and no Whites in sight. We already have one in America in the ruins of Detroity, it’s not impossible to have more with time.

At the same time, there will be the proliferation of urban elf enclaves that are insulated from these communities and continue to believe the main problem with America is lingering White racism. They’ll be able to owe their safety to astronomical living costs and economics. The Brazilian tomorrow could come a lot sooner, but unlike our Southern Hemisphere counterpart, the Whites with wealth will have no idea that slum cities reside only a few miles away. The System will continue rolling on and it will invest in more military-grade equipment for the forces that are tasked with keeping the multiracial nightmare out of elf towns.

For now, police will continue to serve as the scapegoats for Black problems until they get a lighter hand from the legal system. Once that occurs, their neighborhoods and communities will further disintegrate and so will the cities they dominate.

But the question is then: who will be the next scapegoat for Blacks to place their woes upon when they geld inner-city cops?