Have you ever thought to yourself: “By Jove, where are all the feminist-friendly sex toys?”

Lucky for you proud consumer, Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman are here to meet the market’s demand for dildos that can pleasure and empower a woman. . .at the same time!

Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman are two New York-based female entrepreneurs who are passionate about sex and not afraid to say it. Together, they launched the company Dame Products, to “empower the sexual experiences of woman kind” by creating sex toys that answer women’s sexual needs more adequately than those already on the market.

Their debut design is called “Eva,” the world’s first “hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples vibrator.” From the outside, Eva just looks like a cute little butterfly. Alex and Janet claim that it’s “revolutionary,” though, as it’s the first ever vibrator that stays in place without you having to hold it.

And in case you think these two gals are just ignorant shysters exploiting a hole in the market, they’re actually very well-educated.

Alex—Dame Products’ CEO—holds a masters in Psychology from Columbia University, while Janet—Eva’s designer—is an MIT-trained mechanical engineer.

They both bonded over their shared hobby of making vibrators, so, naturally, they decided to go into business dedicated to their mutual passion. Even though their prestigious degrees makes one think they wouldn’t take such a noble cause for a career, that’s apparently not the case. . .as many of their classmates told them, “I can’t imagine you doing anything else.” And their families seem to have no problem with it either–one of the creator’s mom even positively reviewed her daughter’s dildo!

But, lest we forget, their product will change the lives of “woman kind” for the better and that is what’s most important:

Our aim from the beginning was to empower women, to encourage them to use more products of the kind, enhance their experience of them and to close the gap that existed in the sex toys industry. There are very few toys out there that are actually made by women, for women. We’re putting women’s needs first, and it’s obvious to me how our product really speaks to women.

If you need an example of capitalism and feminism jumping the shark into utter inanity, here’s your sign. When a society consider money and sex as its highest values, you end up with celebrations of feminist dildos.