There’s a threat lurking within Europe, waiting to rise and strike innocent people. It’s captured headlines and become an international concern. Panic is starting to build and many now wonder if they are safe to travel out in certain areas.

Are we talking about radical Islam? Not quite. Apparently Europe’s biggest problem isn’t Islamic terrorism or the terrifying consequences of mass immigration. . .it’s anti-Semitism!

Thanks to The Atlantic, the American public is being subjected to another round of anguish that some European residents don’t like Jews. But like all portrayals of this phenomenon, the cause—large numbers of Muslims living in Europe—is downplayed to emphasize the claim that anti-Semitism is somehow permanently interred into the soil of the Old World. The rationale goes that Muslims aren’t bringing anti-Semitism with them or being pushed towards it by Israeli policy, but that they are becoming infected with it by living in Europe. This article—titled “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” and written by Jeffrey Goldberg—at least notes that Muslim immigrants are largely responsible for the rise in “Judeophobia” (unlike other articles that imagine it’s reincarnated brownshirts spray painting synagogues) and actually examines the problem stemming from the banlieues. What goes unmentioned, naturally, is the Jewish role in promoting the root causes of this problem through their support of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and hate speech laws that only go after Whites.

Yet, underlying Goldberg’s entire piece is the fear of a resurgent “right-wing” and the possibility it might ally itself with Muslim migrants to initiate another Shoah. He also asserts that the Muslims somehow learned their anti-Semitism from the neo-Nazi skinheads who “chased” their parents and grandparents through the streets. The evidence for this potential occurrence is never given and the author is forced to admit that the most popular “far-right” leader—Marine Le Pen—is somewhat of “a philo-Semite.” He also mentions how the gentile leaders of Europe go out of their way to prove their shabbos goy credentials, with Germany’s Angela Merkel even declaring her country’s raison d’être is Israel’s security. (What a notion.)

But that’s not enough for Goldberg and he manages to find some horrific injustices that White Europeans inflict on Jewry. They include staffing the Anne Frank Museum with non-Jews, universalizing her story to make it an appealing message of tolerance, and natives not visiting the Jewish Museum of Brussels in droves. I hope The Hague charges the curators of Frank’s museum for outright bigotry. But Goldberg does seriously kvetch about how the Frank museum doesn’t sufficiently promote the Jewish angle of the girl’s story. . .and it apparently reflects on how Europe can’t eliminate its anti-Semitism. I guess us goy can’t understand the logic here.

Regardless of just how much hatred Goldberg heaps upon Europa and its inhabitants, he believes Jews shouldn’t all aliyah to Israel and should shoulder on, despite the injustices of the Anne Frank Museum and occasionally seeing a swastika.

However, Europe might need to settle for this as another Jew has an idea for what Israel should do its “natural” enemies—nuclear annihilation. In an op-ed for the popular Israel National News outlet, Chen Ben-Eliyahu writes in Hebrew (so those pesky goy can’t read it?) what his country’s final solution should be for Germany.

Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years.

This, of course, is in spite of the fact that Germany’s current reason for existence is to ensure Israel’s survival. But I guess this is the natural result of #NeverForget. Considering that most of the targets for Israel’s nuclear “Samson Option” are European cities, it’s a more likely scenario the Jewish ethno-state would nuke the continent than Le Pen would lock arms with Islamic extremists to build concentration camps. Good luck hoping a mainstream publication would explore that possibility though.

In any case, these stories reveal the downside of Jews fleeing Europe. They’re leaving it with the dangers they invited in and have no sympathy for its eventual fate. If no Jews lived in Europe, Israel would certainly have no problem getting more than even for the six million. Not only that, but they have no problem with the development of “Eurabia”—as long as they still have Israel and the United States remains in their pocket.

I guess Goldberg is right, some hatreds just can’t die.