Who in America thinks it’s ok to publish Muhammad cartoons? White men.

Who doesn’t? Nearly every other group.

In a Pew survey reported by Eugene Volokh, 67% of White men had no problem with publishing depictions of the Muslim prophet. 52% of White women felt it was alright for Charlie Hebdo to publish the cartoons. However, only 37% of non-Whites thought it was ok to publish the depictions of the Muslim prophet.

Does this illustrate a discrepancy in valuing free speech? Possibly.

It’s also worth noting that Republicans were more favorable to the cartoons than Democrats, which might have more to do with Republicans having a critical attitude of Islam instead of a firmer belief in free speech.

But a majority of White Democrats (both men and women) still approve of the publication of the cartoons. So the real difference is between Whites and non-Whites. And considering that the vast majority of non-Whites in America are Black Protestants and Hispanic Catholics, the negative attitude towards the cartoons can’t be explained by religious belief.

In fact, this is not the only issue they come out on the side of restricting speech. For example, non-Whites are more likely to support criminalizing “hate” speech and acts of blasphemy toward Christianity. While the first law would likely benefit the interests of non-Whites (since it will likely target Whites instead of minorities), the second one doesn’t really coincide with their interests.

We all know that Muslims residing in Europe give zero fucks about free speech and many are ok with murdering apostates and infidels. But what’s less noticed is that non-Whites in America are also unenthusiastic with the right of free speech. Of course, not to the same extent as European Muslims, but still to a noticeable degree. As America’s demographics continue to tilt in favor of non-Whites who have little attachment to Western values and culture, it is a possibility that the US’s strong stance on speech might change.

One of the upsides for American Identitarians is that we are granted the privilege of the First Amendment and cannot be prosecuted by a court of law for our ideas—a benefit not shared with our comrades in Europe. But one of the many downsides of demographic transformation could entail a willingness to alter the First Amendment to prosecute people like us. This is different from the already apparent social and financial consequences for having our ideas.

Still, I don’t see it becoming law in the next ten years and the majority of Whites will stand up for free speech—because the majority of Whites still believe in the liberal dream and adhere to its values. Yet, it is very probable a hate speech movement in America will grow and make more noise to shut us down. More importantly, it’s another sign that non-Whites don’t subscribe to the “universal” values of modern Western civilization.