The PC police just set a high mark for absurdity.

In a scathing article, Vox denounced a report from New York Times on the pressing issue of lynchings in America. Why the attack? Because the article failed to identify the race of the evil perpetrators!

The report, released by the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, chronicles in painstaking detail, the “racial terror lynchings” of black people by white people that took place the South between 1877 and 1950.

But when it comes to those details, the Times’ coverage leaves out one key word: “white” — and readers have noticed.

Those readers include a woman with the Twitter handle of @AngryBlackWoman (an objective observer, for sure) and a student activist named Angus. All these people are perpetually aggrieved leftists who need only the slightest infringement to cause them to explode.

Vox goes onto insinuate NYT was trying to stir up racial animosity (among Whites, not Blacks) by only mentioning the word “white” in connection to the race of the female victims of the men that were attacked by lynch mobs. The author goes on to urge readers to take this huge mishap as another lesson for White people in how they should deal with race.

That’s why, even if “white” was omitted unconsciously by writers and editors who truly wanted to do justice to the lynching report, it’s still troubling because it obscures a key part of how racism works. When we’re talking about the ways black Americans were terrorized by these horrific lynchings, it’s also relevant to note that white Americans were doing the terrorizing.

The mainstream media has become comfortable — especially during Black History Month — talking about the various ways black people have been oppressed throughout America’s history. But if we don’t become more comfortable being explicit about the racial identity of the people doing the oppressing, we’re failing to tell the whole story.

The real takeaway from this is that Whites need to do more to emphasize their negative racial identity—and feel even more guilt for it. In other words, up the White guilt and the only racial identity you’re allowed to have is a negative one, Whitey. Meanwhile, Blacks will use all of February to celebrate an exclusively positive racial identity.

It’s also hilarious that Vox wants a media outlet to identify the race of perpetrators of hundred-year old crimes, while at the same time the vast majority of the media follows the practice with present crimes. I don’t think Vox would like it if the Times and others started reporting on the race of recent suspects…

This idiotic article is another revelation that the PC crowd is becoming more militant and now turning much of their venom on friendly liberals. It was only two weeks ago when smug liberal Jonathan Chait blasted the PC “fascists” to the left of him, and was blasted right back from the same folks, Vox in the vanguard. This type of rigid policing is clearly wearing thin on moderate liberals and only serves to bolster the right. No sane American is going to read this article and think to himself: “That’s a good point.” The only ones who are going to agree are the rabid leftists who always need an injustice (even it is imaginary or blown way out proportion) to rail against.

But as I said before, keep it coming. As these crazies continue to gain more traction and more of a voice in media, they will drive out the moderates and overstep their boundaries. Leftists are meek people, so the radical ones have an easy time browbeating the moderates to fall in line. Besides, unlike the right, the left has no qualms in embracing those further to the left and rarely attack their own. Good on them.

While many of these writers want Whites to only have a negative collective racial identity, there’s only so much hatred that they can take before some start wondering about a positive racial identity.