Nearly all Americans are aware of the problem at the U.S.-Mexico border. Inadequately guarded, millions of Latin Americans have been able to pour in over the last 50 years—making a significant impact on this country’s demographics.

What many American Identitarians are not as aware of is Europe’s border problems. We all know there’s an immigration problem there, but we don’t fully understand that they have a crossing crisis even more absurd than America’s.

Vice just released a short, biased documentary on the situation with Spain’s border fence in North Africa. While the film tries to make the viewer sympathize with the illegal migrants and argues that they all should be allowed into Europe, the Identitarian will see it as a horrifying wake-up call. Especially when you learn that those who make it into Spanish territory are guaranteed, by EU law, to legal assistance and an interpreter. This makes it harder to deport them, even though they obviously broke the law to get in. Talk about anarcho-tyranny.

Not only that, but footage of hundreds of Africans swarming the Spanish border has more in common with zombie films than what occurs at America’s border. It’s abundantly clear that there’s a catastrophe brewing at Europe’s doorstep.