In our crazy, fucked-up world, is it too much of a stretch to believe a prominent diversity advocate could also be a racist? And no, not a racist towards whites, but one of those white supremacists we’re taught to hate?

If the reports are true, this accurately describes the case of Shanley Kane. Last week, Breitbart uncovered she had dated famed hacker and White Nationalist Andrew “weev” Auernheimer—with the additional revelation that she held “racist” views. This is despite Kane’s job as a feminist blogger/troll who fights for “diversity.” She spends the majority of her professional life digitally assaulting members of the tech community who don’t tow to the politically correct line. One of her most famous targets was Pax Dickinson. Dickinson was the CTO for Business Insider before a witch hunt got him fired after “activists” discovered he tweeted non-kosher thoughts.

Here’s what Auernheimer had to say about her inner views:

“My heart swelled when she used racial epithets to insult someone engaged in a miscegenatory relationship. She was full of hatred and racially aware.” This is the first in a series of explosive racial allegations Auernheimer makes in the course of his story: that Shanley Kane would use racially-charged language, as recently as 2012, to insult people in mixed-race relationships.

“She showed herself to be among the best copywriters in the world. If she had decided to be a copy and creative director of an e-mail marketing operation, she would have become wildly successful. She decided to become a ‘social justice’ advocate and dedicate her time to getting men in technology fired. It wasn’t long before her copy was honed to a razor-sharp blade that she wielded on the prison compound of social media, shanking everyone she could to show others how tough she was.

“Her campaigns have destroyed the careers of many good and decent people. Shanley acts as a very vocal advocate for women of color in the technology community now, [but] the things that once came out of her mouth about minorities and interracial relationships would be commonplace in the comments of neo-Nazi websites like The Daily Stormer.”

These are extraordinary charges, but Auernheimer would at least know what he’s talking about when it comes to The Daily Stormer: it was in that internet blog that he came out, in October of this year, as an anti-semite and “pan-European supremacist”, showing off a large swastika tattoo on his chest.

Auernheimer concludes: “[Kane] feigns concern for the plight of minorities simply to advance her campaign against the technology industry. She does, however, legitimately hate men with an undying rage. I don’t want to even think about what must have happened to her in her childhood for her to carry around that much hate, but it is inappropriate for her to take it out on innocent scientists instead of her father.”

After these allegations surfaced, Kane came out as a “former” racist and blamed it on, naturally, mental illness. It was a not-so-subtle move to flip the script and paint herself as a victim. Whether these charges will destroy her promising career as a concern troll remains unanswered.

What is clear is that Kane is another person who understands racial reality, but willfully chooses to ignore—and in some cases to exploit it—for personal gain. It’s the cynical view of race that is becoming more noticeable among certain sections of the “successful” in our society. This attitude is ultimately the most contemptible view one can take. To not know and do nothing is understandable. To know and to actively work for racial chaos is despicable.

It’s good that weev exposed Kane to the public quartering she’s subjected several others to. We only wonder how many more “diversity advocates” are just like her.