Have you heard about the devastating bombing on a NAACP building in Colordado?? If you haven’t, that’s a HUGE problem, according to the self-proclaimed voice for millennials Mic.

While the entire world was glued to last week’s attacks in Paris, a “bombing” occurred in Colorado Springs—and we apparently should’ve been just as concerned with it as the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Is it because over a dozen people died? Well, no, because no one was killed or even hurt in the supposed explosion. Was the building destroyed? Actually no, only a small portion of an exterior wall was charred. So… why do we need to discuss it then? Because it reveals the “horrific” disparity in how we report terrorism, as reported in “One Tweet Perfectly Sums Up the Big Problem With How We Talk About Terrorism.”

That tweet, by one Sally Kohn, contains the profound wisdom of: “Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty. Black shooter = entire race guilty. White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf.” That tweet definitely pulls on the heart strings of liberals and might make sense to them… if they fail to realize that all Whites need to feel guilty for slavery, the Holocaust, and every other bad thing done by a few Whites in history. And it’s not like White men aren’t considered the root problem for mass shootings. Hell, according to that Washington Post article, Fort Hood wasn’t even caused by radical Islam (when it clearly was). Instead, it had more to do with the problem of White men owning guns. (Does the shooter look White to you?)

The argument of the Mic article is that when White men commit terrorism, they are labelled crazed outliers and are never singled out as the problem. When others, such as Muslims, commit terror, their whole religion is unfairly blamed. This is a double standard, in the opinion of the writer and the tweeters she cites, and we should not rush to consider jihadi actions as a Muslim problem.

Before tackling that argument, it’s worth exploring the alleged bombing of the NAACP building. There’s pretty convincing evidence that it’s a hoax. The charred marks on the building were there in a Google Image from six months ago. The “suspect” looks like the stereotypical representative of White supremacy, even driving a white pick-up truck. Rumors circulate that the FBI knows this a hoax and are annoyed they have to investigate it, but they can’t discard it because that would show they don’t care about the growing problem of neo-Nazi terror.

Even if it isn’t a hoax, all it amounts to is one White guy, lacking good sense, placing a firecracker against a wall. There’s no larger context for this action and there’s no community anywhere that would offer support to the Roman Candle Bomber. On the other hand, the Paris attacks fit into the larger context of Muslim aggression towards the West and many Muslims throughout the world support the actions of the militants. Thus, it isn’t an isolated event. The NAACP bombing is. This argument is easily refuted.

But let’s be honest though—the writer of the article knows this fact perfectly well. The real reason for the article is to vent the eternal, unsatisfied outrage of the Left. Despite controlling our culture and dominating Western society, they are not content and continually seek any instances where they browbeat White men. For example, not only do college campuses suffer the tyranny of rape culture, they also are filled with the toxicity of “microaggressions.” A Microaggression is private speech between White males that non-White males might offensive. Vox incredibly blamed this phenomenon for why non-Whites don’t succeed in college, in spite of the fact that people with common sense would see this “issue” as a made-up problem. However, that’s the point.

The triumph of the Left means they have to make up problems to satisfy their resentment. They’re gluttons for injustice—and like any junkie, they need their fix wherever they can find it. Turning the Hebdo shooting into a story about White privilege and Islamophobia soothes this craving, and so does rape culture hoaxes and microaggression hysteria. The thought that a normal White person somewhere and somehow might enjoy doing normal White things drives them into an uncontrolled fury, and that fury demands sacrifices. Egalitarians love feeling like victims and they relish getting back at oppressors.

This thirst for vengeance will never be quenched. They will always have micrononsense to rail against… unless the idea of equality as the highest virtue is toppled.