“So a Republican congressman walks into a White Nationalist meeting looking for votes…”

And so begins the political nightmare for House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. In 2002, Scalise thought it pertinent to speak to David Duke’s EURO group about his tax plan for Louisiana (yes, this is a real life joke). Not surprisingly, this was uncovered twelve years later and has become the dominant political scandal at the tail end of 2014.

This is certainly a hilarious story and there’s some schadenfreude in watching the GOP establishment squirm, all thanks to David Duke.

Even better is Duke’s threat to out all the public figures in the Republican and Democrat parties who’ve associated with him. You could say this is slimy and uncouth, but look at who it’s directed against. The entire Republican Party depends on race-baiting and playing on the fears of White Americans to win elections. In many ways, they already implemented the Sailer Strategy and constitute America’s “White People’s Party.”

But what do they focus on in office? Foreign wars on behalf of Israel and giving more power to Wall Street—with a few tax cuts for the proles who voted for them, of course. That’s it. Not that this is a shock to any of our readers, but it’s worth reciting when it comes to this situation.

Many might feel some sympathy for Scalise in this issue and decry the inherent double standard when it comes to associating with political extremists. Mainstream Democrats can associate with terrorists and Black Power pastors, while Republicans can’t even attend a meeting for normal Whites wanting to defend their interests. That’s the way of the world though. The Left determines the moral values of our society and judges who is beyond the pale and who is acceptable. Thus, Jeremiah Wright is the voice for the downtrodden, while Duke is a bigoted monster. However, a major reason this double standard is continually enforced is due to the mainstream American Right meekly accepting it. Conservatives are not standing athwart history yelling “Stop!”—they’re fleeing history crying “Wait!” They are always in retreat and will always acquiesce to the demands of the Left. It’s accurate to describe conservatism as liberalism 20 years delayed.

This plays out with Scalise himself. While serving in the Louisiana state legislature, he voted against recognizing Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. This was back in the 90s. Today, MLK is (somehow) considered a conservative hero and Glenn Beck and others like to say the plagiarist is their main influence. There’s also the endless prattling about how Republicans were the ones responsible for the passage of the Civil Rights Act, even though the conservative heroes of the day were strongly opposed to the civil rights agenda.
The changes the passage of time brings.

Even with all this PC Judo, the Republican Party still strongly depends on pandering to the very same people who would’ve voted for Duke if they had the chance. Racebait during the campaign, but author legislation that is antithetical to White interests once in Washington. That’s the name of the game.

Don’t even try to act like Scalise is somehow a good guy and shouldn’t be thrown under the bus. He’s not, and has done nothing for White people while in office, except begging for their votes. Unless your name is Jeff Sessions, you’re not a representative worth defending. These Republicans who met with Duke and depended on his voting bloc to win should be called out. The pandering of the GOP and its function as the safety valve for White discontent has got to end. Embarrassing those who call Duke an “embarrassment” is more than just schedenfreude—it’s the right thing to do.

Breaking off the GOP from the Lee Atwater strategy would ensure they promote more jokes like Rand Paul and become irrelevant in American public life. Breaking White America’s addiction to Republicans would open up the possibility of Euros actually looking for real solutions to the problems they face.

Let’s hope Dr. Duke names names and shakes up the establishment.