Unsurprisingly, the megaviral catcall video was acknowledged to have a racist message–prompting a predictable response from the media.

The creators of the video issued an apology that “we regret the unintended racial bias in the editing of the video that over represents men of color.” But they’re still steadfast in the belief the video depicts a very real woman problem, not a race problem.

Vice published a lengthy piece trying to figure out whether it was racist. (They couldn’t make up their minds.) Some social media activist unleashed some grade-A sociology 101 bullshit about the video and sneered, “It’s difficult and uncomfortable to admit that we have to talk about race/class/gender/sexuality/ability/etc, all at once. I get it.” The same activist warned that using all present evidence to paint this as a race problem is wrong because “Just because the majority of men who harass you are of a certain race or class does not make that experience universal.” But aren’t Whites supposed to universalize ourselves since we’re not a real people and instead part of an abstract humanity? That doesn’t make sense.

While many pieces celebrated The Daily Show segment on the phenomenon for its alleged diversity, rewatching the video shows no Whites actually catcalling. Guess we need a whole new video then.

But if you were worried that all this attention given towards street harassment was unfairly singling out all those innocent non-Whites, you’re in luck. There’s now the argument that White males harass in secret, subtle ways that are just plain horrifying–if we could only identify what they are. And street harassment is not a result of gentrifying urban elves coming in contact with real life non-Whites. It’s actually disenfranchised minorities desperately trying to exert dominance in a world where they are powerless. They just have no power over the streets since White males hold sway, all due to colonialism. That’s why Black males live in fear of those sinister White men always waiting to mug them. I wonder what the Left will imagine next?

While that writer defends non-White aggression and masculinity since it combats White interests, she still admits she gets a “disproportionate occurrence” of men of color harassing her rather than White men. Maybe these White men should run the streets then.

In case you were wondering if non-White harassment of White women was only an American phenomenon, it’s also prevalent in Europe–and another unintentional racial PSA proves it.