Paris decided to put a very postmodern twist on Christmas with the city’s latest “artwork” honoring Yuletide.

Titled “The Tree”, this American “designed” erection resembles not a traditional Christmas tree, but a giant butt plug:

It’s supposed to resemble a Christmas tree – but for many in Paris a giant green inflatable object currently decorating Paris’s up-market Place Vendome is little more than an anal plug of eye-watering proportions.

US artist Paul McCarthy, the brainchild behind the 80-foot installation called “Tree”, which was fully approved by city authorities before it went up ahead of the FIAC international art festival which begins next week, has caused some upset.

McCarthy was even slapped in the face by one passer-by as the artwork was unveiled on Thursday.

Meanwhile French conservative group Printemps Français (French Spring) took to Twitter to denounce the object as a “humiliation” for Paris.

“A giant 24-metre butt plug has been erected at Place Vendome,” the group tweeted. “Place Vendome disfigured, Paris humiliated!”

At least some Parisians aren’t happy with this humiliation in the form of a Christmas decoration. We can only imagine how this artist would stylize Santa Claus. Actually…we can.

UPDATE: Some heroes decided to save their beloved city from this travesty and deflated it. We salute them.