Update: Jared Taylor addressed the hit piece here and thoroughly refutes the misinformation

With all of the fairly objective and semi-sympathetic coverage we’ve received following the Budapest affair, it’s worth reminding ourselves how the media usually covers us.

Brace yourselves for an infuriating hit piece.

Salon took a break from shrieking how shaming fat women is a crime against humanity and how the GOP is plotting to impose a theocracy on America to bring the world a peculiar excerpt from a book entitled “The Myth of Race.”

In an odd, rambling section pulled from the book, the author Robert Wald Sussman presents a full “expose” of the “virulent racism” of American Renaissance. To anyone familiar with AmRen, the notion that it spreads virulent bigotry is laughable at best and slanderous at worst. American Renaissance is renowned for the genteel way it presents racial ideas and dedication to respectful civil discourse.

But according to this article, Jared Taylor’s operation is akin to beer-bellied Klansmen spewing racial epithets and presents an immediate danger to innocent, peace-loving minorities. It’s also apparently extremely conservative–ignoring the fact the publications takes no stances in issues not involving race and is open to multiple points of view.

No matter, for that gets in the way of the agenda Sussman is pushing. As the subheadline reads, “White supremacy and 15th-century polygenics live on at shockingly ugly American Renaissance foundation conferences.” We already know where this is heading.

For a work portraying itself as serious scholarship (Sussman makes sure to include his prestigious academic credentials in his bio), this is risible to even read. There’s no analysis, no real examination of the views demeaned–just listing them for an audience that is expected to point and sputter at the mere mention of racial unorthodoxy.

Here’s how Sussman connects Mr. Taylor with a whole host of bogeyman that good, urban elves should despise:

The American Renaissance Foundation is an extremely conservative right-wing organization that also publishes a monthly magazine of the same name, American Renaissance (AR). The magazine’s first issue appeared in November 1990. The foundation was established by Jared Taylor (1952–) who serves as president of the New Century Foundation and as editor of AR. Taylor has ties to a variety of domestic and international racists and extremists. He is on the editorial advisory board of Citizens Informer, the newspaper of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a virulently racist group whose website has referred to blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.” He has contributed writings to The Occidental Quarterly, a racist journal. He also has been a member of the board of directors of the National Policy Institute, a self-styled racist think tank, and has received funding from this institute.

Taylor has close ties with members of various neo-Nazi groups and with Gordon Baum, the CEO of Council of Conservative Citizens. He is a frequent radio guest of Don Black’s, operator of Stormfront, a white supremacist online forum that also advertises American Renaissance conferences. He also has ties to Mark Weber, head of the Institute for Historical Review. European racists are among his close associates, including members of the British National Party, a racist, far-right political party in England, and the National Front, a racist, far-right political party in France. Nick Griffin, the head of the British National Party, has been a speaker at two American Renaissance conferences. Frédéric Legrand, a member of the National Front, is a frequent contributor to American Renaissance.

The intention here is to depict a well-connected, well-funded movement of extreme racists that you should really worry about. It acts like the fact that people of similar views and ideas interacting with one another is an anomaly and should be immediately questioned–without any hint of self-awareness. But that’s the point. This sets the article’s tone of intentional disingenuousness.

Next up, we have the “awful” views that American Renaissance espouses:

Jared Taylor has written and edited a number of books with racist themes. One of AR’s and Taylor’s favorite and oft-used quotes, recalling fifteenth-century polygenecist thought, is that of zoologist Raymond Hall from an early issue of Mankind Quarterly: “Two subspecies of the same species do not occur in the same geographic area.” Taylor believes that slavery may have been wrong but the alternative was “Negro pandemonium.” He complains that civil rights laws prohibiting racial discrimination have turned “common sense” into a “crime.” In 2005, he wrote in AR: “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization—any kind of civilization—disappears.” He argues that racial diversity is a negative for society and that racial integration has failed. Taylor promotes the main Pioneer Fund themes of a genetic basis for differences in intelligence between the races, the benefits of racial homogeneity, a propensity of African Americans to commit crimes at higher rates than whites, and the need to reverse an alleged reconquest of the American Southwest by Mexicans.

Both the American Renaissance Foundation and its magazine are dedicated to the ideal that the United States is a white European nation. Its publications and biennial conferences state that the foundation’s goal is to demonstrate the purported superiority of the white race and the threat nonwhite minorities pose to American society. “The stated purpose of the journal, from the outset, was to create ‘a literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration and the decline of civility.’ It held that ‘for a nation to be a nation—and not just a crowd—it must consist of people that share the same culture, language, history and aspirations’.” To the foundation, race is an essential ingredient for citizenship. “Blacks and Third World immigrants did not really belong in the United States and certainly could not be ‘real’ Americans.”

And the real kicker of disgust is supposed to be when we enter the discussion of what Whites should do to ensure the survival of our people:

A major debate that has been extensively covered in the pages of AR is the question of what of two strategies whites should follow in order to preserve “racial survival” in the face of the “brown” threat. The first strategy is racial segregation and immigration restriction and, if that is not effective, to enter into negotiations with black and Hispanic nationalists to establish racially based nations within the United States. The second alternative, as articulated by Samuel Francis, a regular contributor to AR, is to exercise the white man’s “instinctual . . . proclivity to expand and conquer” and thus achieve a “reconquest of the United States.” To accomplish this goal, Francis believes that the “phony” rights of nonwhites should be revoked. These include voting, holding office, attending schools with whites, serving on juries, marrying across racial lines, serving in the armed forces, buying homes near whites, and eating at lunch counters with, riding on buses with, holding jobs with, or even associating with “superior” whites. Further, he proposes that we should seal the nation’s borders and impose fertility controls on nonwhites. Francis also points out that the first solution of partitioning nonwhites would pose problems related to the definition of Eastern and southern Europeans, Jews, and even the Irish.

A typical urban elf should already be shaking in their Toms shoes right now. And you won’t believe what this evil Sam Francis said about “all men are created equal”:

For Francis, the statement in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” was “one of the most dangerous sentences ever written, one of the major blunders of American History.”

That’s the only sentence in this entire excerpt that’s a fair representation of our views and none of us should disagree with. But it’s provided with the implication that no “normal” person could hold such a view in 2014.

This essay continues on riding along like a crazy train when it discusses American Renaissance conferences. These are events that are primarily composed of normal, everyday people in suit jackets and ties listening to and discussing ideas in a cordial manner.

That’s not the picture here:

The American Renaissance conferences, which began in 1994, have become a gathering place for white supremacists, white nationalists, white separatists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, Holocaust deniers, and eugenicists.

Think compound of crazies rather than an intellectual gathering. This supplies all the evidence needed for why it was right to have these events shut down in 2010 and 2011:

Taylor complained that these cancellations were an obstruction to the right of free speech. However, nobody has to condone the ability or the right of hate groups to gather and incite racial and class hatred. Is it wrong to refuse to allow known terrorist groups to openly meet in public forums and advocate overthrowing our government and its laws? Public hotels are visited by individuals from a wide variety of ethnic groups, and they employ many “nonwhites.” They have the right to protect these people from insult and injury by those who are openly advocating their mistreatment. I would hope that most public venues would not allow a Nazi rally in their facilities. The history of the Pioneer Fund and the American Renaissance Foundation shows that there is little difference between the ideals and goals of these organizations and those of racial hate groups that have caused misery throughout the centuries. Modern science now undermines all of their basic premises, and there is no reason to tolerate their hateful, dangerous, ancient, and outdated assertions. If just one racially motivated hate crime is prevented by depriving attendees of the stimulus these conferences provide for some of its more radical and deranged followers, then we have ample reason to close them down.

Welcome to La-La Land. The best part of this paragraph is the line that “Modern science now undermine all of their basic premises”…without any citation or explanation as to how modern science has debunked our ideas. We’re expected to take his word for it because he has a Ph.D and that’s what we ourselves were taught in college. This line also exposes how the “tolerance” crowd shows zero tolerance for ideas they don’t like. Thus, threats of violence and death are more than appropriate against people who hold beliefs that threaten the moral order of the System. They don’t even need any evidence that AmRen, or any of the attendees have been involved in or inspired violence. It’s a given that our ideas constitute hate and must be eradicated.

That’s when the deranged Jared Loughner comes in. Since Sussman can’t connect American Renaissance to any actual illegal activity, he regurgitates a debunked connection that never even existed:

In January 2011, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot, six other people were killed, and thirteen were wounded while attending a political rally in Arizona. Giffords is a moderate Democrat who had been narrowly reelected against a right-wing, Tea Party candidate a few months earlier. Giffords also was the first Jewish female to be elected to such a high position in Arizona. Among those killed was Judge John Roll, an ally of Giffords in dealing with the controversial issue of illegal immigration, a very hot topic in Arizona. The shooter was 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, a Tucson native. Mein Kampf was among his favorite books, and a Department of Homeland Security memo stated that Mr. Loughner was “possibly linked” to American Renaissance, which was presumably mentioned in some of his Internet postings; he allegedly posted links to American Renaissance.com on his blog and other websites. It appears that federal law enforcement officials pored over versions of a MySpace page that belonged to Loughner and over a YouTube video published just weeks before the shooting under an account linked to him. However, the MySpace page was removed minutes after the gunman was identified by officials.

Jared Taylor denied any connection between Loughner and American Renaissance, and no connection was ever proven.

Sussman’s only admits there was no connection proven after extrapolating at length with the strong insinuation there was, in fact, a connection–the police just didn’t investigate thoroughly enough. And then he says that even if there wasn’t a connection, the hate spewed by Taylor will (someday) lead to violence being committed.

The excerpt drags on with more shock quotes and smears before concluding that:

Racial bigotry, hatred, and intolerance are alive and well. As I read the proud description of the conference proceedings on the American Renaissance Foundation website, I was struck by how it is so reminiscent of the literature of nineteenth-century proponents of slavery, the early twentieth-century eugenicists, and the proponents of Nazism. The time warp is remarkable; to most rational people, it would be hard to believe, indeed shocking. One could almost read the description of the conference and think it was a joke, a satire. However, it was no joke; it was real. It is laughable, but it is not at all funny.

This is what our opponents will cough up and throw at us like it is a serious work of scholarship. This is hyperbolic propaganda that aims to destroy and exterminate. It portrays us as stupid, but doesn’t give evidence as to why we are wrong. It relies on the biases and warped knowledge that the average White liberal has learned from years of politically correct education. It depends on the credentials ordained by institutions that Americans view as bulwarks of academia–without realizing that they mostly produce works to justify the System that grants them their status of prestige.

To quote Sussman himself, it is laughable, but it is not at all funny.

Fortunately for us, our enemies can only offer half-baked attacks like this article here. They can’t offer solutions to the world today and their ideas are static and dull. We can expect more hit pieces like this in the future as we continue to grow and continue to articulate a radical alternative to liberal orthodoxy.

For they aren’t threatened by our actions–it’s our ideas they fear.