It appears the Left has finally caved in and let their media report on the mass child rape in Rotherham. I guess they could only avoid discussing the violation of 1400 girls for so long.

Since this story obviously doesn’t fit into any of their narratives pertaining to race, sex, or friendly non-Whites, how do they portray it?

As a case of the sexist patriarchy in action. Seriously.

Here’s The New York Times:

Some officers and local officials told the investigation that they did not act for fear of being accused of racism. But Ms. Jay said that for years there was an undeniable culture of institutional sexism. Her investigation heard that police referred to victims as “tarts” and to the girls’ abuse as a “lifestyle choice.”

The Guardian:

OK. So let’s join the dots to Savile and the other recent sex-abuse scandals. We have the police in on the case; we have institutions basically offering up the most vulnerable as victims; we have a protection racket centred around fame rather than ethnicity. At the top we have abusive men, at the bottom powerless young girls and boys. So the bigger picture is the systematic rape of poor children by men. Not all men – I have to say this to be politically correct, don’t I?

The right can make it only about race. I have no problem in calling certain attitudes of certain Muslims appalling. I just can’t see them in isolation from class and gender.

The macho environment in which the girls were not listened to, or even seen as children, is part of a continuum of thought in which girls, once deemed sexually active, even if it is against their will, are seen as damaged goods. Thus they can be bought and sold in a market that has made it apparent it no longer considers them worth protecting. Where is the profit in that?

Whatever resignations are proffered, what is horrifying is this wholesale resignation to an economic caste system. Our untouchables turn out to be little girls raped by powerful men.

And where the actual report on the rapes placed the blame for inaction:

Councillors and council officials were told about the abuse in 2004 and 2005 “in the most explicit terms”, the report found. But it highlighted evidence of a “macho, sexist and bullying culture” within the council, which stopped it providing an effective response.

Instead of placing the blame on an elite class that cares nothing for the safety of Whites, we blame the working class police officers and “macho” councillors for the failure to act. The implication is that if women were in charge, this wouldn’t have happened and the fear of the racist label has been vastly overstated. They ignore the fact that the only people arrested prior to the break-up of the grooming ring were fathers doing the patriarchial thing and trying to rescue their daughters. They also ignore that the female official who tried to get the case investigated was sent to a diversity sensitivity course, not a Patriarchy 101 class.

In effect, this is the only thing the Left can do to justify covering Rotherham. Reporting on a case that exposes the System for its moral bankruptcy and refusal to confront the dangers of non-Whites flooding into our lands is undeniably a hard sale for committed liberals. It’s hard dancing around the fact that Rotherham is all about race and what happens when Whites give up on themselves. So they have to construct a narrative that this is somehow related to that damn patriarchy that just won’t go away.

It’s laughable, but predictable. Even when White men in these type of positions have to undergo extensive gender sensitivity training and are open to termination at the mere suggestion of a sexist joke, patriarchy is still seen as the real culprit. Then again, when should we expect the Left to be logical or honest?

And since feminism and the Left have glorified sexual promiscuity and miscegenation among White women, shouldn’t we be more understanding of the cops who mistakenly thought these girls were in consensual relationships with these Pakistanis? They’re told over and over again that this is what the modern woman wants…even when it is certainly not what they want. Blaming them for their contempt deflects from the true culprit–the diseased ruling class that has steered the UK (and the entire West) into decadence.

To reiterate my last piece on Rotherham, as more and more White men are browbeaten into submissive eunuchs, we can only expect more Rotherhams to take place.