Every year since 2009, a conference is held in Australia’s landmark Sydney Opera house to discuss “dangerous” ideas.

The sixth annual Festival of Dangerous Ideas was held last weekend and featured such radical notions as surrogacy equals child trafficking and Russia is one giant penal colony (courtesy of arch-radicals Pussy Riot!).

The keynote talk that kicked off the first festival was Christopher Hitchens’ “Religion Poisons Everything.” Other talks in the past have included: “Genital Cutting is Normal”; “Footballers are Barbarians not Role Models”; and “We Are All Sexual Perverts.” If the long list of feminist, gay activist, and professional anti-Russian speakers didn’t give it away, the festival acts as a reassurance to the Left that their ideas can still be threatening—even when they actually form the dominant culture of the West.

All of the talks shouldn’t strike anyone (unless you live under a rock in Texas and think the 1950s never ended) as “dangerous.” Complaining about Whites using pregnancy surrogacy to have children? Pussy Riot bashing Russia? Please. I can see this all on a weeknight broadcast of CNN. Why travel all the way to the posh Sydney Opera House to hear ideas the Left already promotes in your home country?

Like Baby Boomers that love to reminisce about their days in SDS, the Left still like to think of themselves as eternal rebels. And like the wannabe rebel Boomers living in McMansions out in the suburbs, it comes off as laughable that the Left is still threatening to a social order they created and control.

It should come as no surprise that there hasn’t been a talk on “Why Whites Need Their Own Ethnostate” or “Racial Differences Exist and Matter.” Those are ideas are way too dangerous for a festival that wants us to all know we are sexual perverts. (Don’t even ask if Kevin MacDonald has been invited to speak about the Culture of Critique.) As the anti-surrogacy speaker noted:

“Fascism is, of course, a dangerous idea,” she tells me. “And I think not all dangerous ideas are good or should be let loose in that sense. … But then again I would say that there are also ideas that are dangerous in the good way, because they stimulate you to question everything that you’ve taken for granted, and especially ideas that question the existing economic and social order.”

“Existing economic and social order”? Yeah, right. You are the existing economic and social order. It ain’t fascism.

It bears mentioning the festival isn’t exclusively leftist and Christopher Hitchens’ paleocon brother Peter has spoken before the conference. But the few right-wingers are merely there for window dressing. This is an event for the Left to fantasize about itself.

The only cancelled speech in the event’s history so far was a Muslim’s talk on how “Honor Killings Are Morally Justified.” While it might have not gone through, it is telling that they invited this guy to give this talk in the first place. The Left will allow non-Whites to give shocking speeches in defense of their Traditonal culture, but Whites aren’t extended the same privilege. Not that this is anyway a new development—it simply reaffirms the fact that the Left will tolerate an incredible amount of transgression on the part of non-Whites. See the Rotherham case for more details.

To succinctly put it, this festival is no incubator for “dangerous” ideas. They would certainly be dangerous in a Traditional society (and promptly dealt with), but the West certainly does not constitute one and many of these ideas just represent the new “social justice” causes of the future. It just reminds you that no matter how much power the Left attains, they still want to imagine they’re Che Guevarra, not Fidel Castro. They don’t want to admit that they are now the prevailing economic and social order. The truly dangerous ideas are the ones that challenge that order—and we know they don’t come from the Left.