America’s first racial activist-as-Attorney General announced his resignation yesterday and the reactions have been what you should expect.

Conservatives whine that Eric Holder was “lawless” and gave no regard to the holy Constitution. The Left praises him as America’s first civil rights Attorney General and dub him a fighter for the “people.”

That’s the praise and criticism you get when you pursue an explicitly racial agenda designed to benefit your own people. This touches a nerve with “colorblind” conservatives who can never imagine pursuing policies that place White interests first. That’s just un-American in their minds.

They’re also mad that he had no desire to follow the rule of law and every action seemed contrary to the o, so sacred wisdom of the Constitution. This is the most annoying criticism of Holder. When someone has power and they decide to exercise it, you should not be aghast they would do such a thing. Holder understood the power of his position and exploited it to the full extent to further his people’s agenda. He made no apologies for this and was completely upfront that he was in control.

White Republicans never do anything for their own people when they have authority and instead, foist token minorities like Alberto Gonzalez upon the country. Demanding the other side give up power like you do is both naive and laughable. This is one of the main problems with Libertarians. They imagine if they just give up power, that nobody will seize it and everyone will just get along grand. That’s not the case. Ceding power is the most idiotic platform one can imagine. Demanding to just be “left alone” wins you nothing and only encourages your enemies to take more. Power is power, and you either have it or you don’t.

Or as Cersei Lannister puts it, “In the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

The Left understands this and wins. The American Right doesn’t and loses. There’s a clear connection here.

That’s what brings up the admirable side of Holder’s tenure. To preface this, there’s no doubt he is viciously anti-White and actively worked for our people’s dispossession. But the way he wielded his authority is quite remarkable. This is a man who was the first Attorney General in history to be held in contempt of Congress–and he shrugged it off like it was nothing and continued his racial agenda unabated. During the Knockout Game media bonanza, his department found the one White guy to punch a black guy and charged him with a hate crime–ignoring the hundreds of cases of black-on-white assaults. He showed that the Left only attacks Right when he dropped charges against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, knowing that prosecuting these men would only “demean” his people.

While conservatives love to attack Holder for not following America’s founding documents, he is actually following the egalitarianism that underlies both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. His pursuit of social justice and racial “equality” is fully in line with the current principles of America that states that “all men are created equal.”

This is why we cannot hope to have an Eric Holder of our own within the ruling System, besides the overwhelming odds against Identitarians winning office under present circumstances. Holder might ignore the letter of the law but he subscribes to the theory behind it and that is why he can achieve his goals. A White advocate cannot hope to fight for White interests when he subscribes to the insidious notion that “all men are created equal.” White Identity is completely opposed to that and holds that all men are created unequal and different. Fighting for our interests under the equality will only lead us back to where America is now. Whites have had numerous chances to turn back the tide and fight for their own people within the American system. America circa 2014 is the result.

With that in mind, Whites are capable of creating our own way out of this System. Throughout the ages, Whites have set course to unknown lands to conquer and build their own states. America was founded by frontiersmen who overpowered the Indians and tamed the West. There is no reason we cannot do this once more and forge an ethnostate. We don’t want to be left alone, we want power. When we have power, we should put Holder’s racial activism to shame.

Blacks, for the most part, are entirely dependent on the System and cannot hope to escape it. This is why Black advocates like Holder have to take over America’s institutions in order to further their people’s interests. They use the System for their own benefit, and the System is happy with this arrangement as it solidifies its zeal for equality. Our interests would run counter to egalitarianism and this is why the System is inherently opposed to White racialism.

We will only have more Holders in our future—all seeking to further the interests of non-Whites at the expense of Whites. But there’s the promising sign that this anti-White agenda will become synonymous with the American government in the minds of Euro-Americans–leading many to desire a new order that doesn’t attack them for being White.

We bid adieu to Holder and calmly await his (probable) like-minded successor.