If you’re going to have sex at a California university, you better sign a contract.

The state legislature just passed a bill that made sexual consent a legal nightmare and put the authority of the question entirely in the hands of the female participant. Filed in the wake of “rape culture” hysteria at American universities, this bill formally enshrines into law female sexual power and will surely destroy the lives of many young men. As Jack Donovan points out, “rape culture” is all about power, and men are on the losing side of it.

While America tackles the horrific problem of men sleeping with women and failing to text them afterwards, at least 1400 children were gang raped over several years in a sex ring operating out of Rotherham, UK. Should be a major outrage right? Every liberal website spilling tons of ink over how rape culture caused this? Calls for castration and execution for the perps?

Actually, no. There’s been hardly any coverage from the Left and you’re not likely to find much coverage of it from the mainstream media either. How can this be? The answer lies in the race and culture of the men who committed these horrific acts: they’re all Asian Muslims. To put it in another way: they’re not White men.

And this is one reason why their story is getting ignored—it doesn’t fit the larger narrative of rape culture. The myth of rape culture is designed not to take away sexual power from all men, but primarily from White men. Arabs raping White girls doesn’t make for a good story and you’re not allowed to condemn the cultures of non-Whites where this is permitted. Traditional White civilization is seen as the culprit for rape culture in how it has “oppressed” women, not the cultures of non-Whites.

Also, White men aren’t supposed to defend White women, because patriarchy, and it’s racist. Women are also told they can allegedly fend for themselves and they only have White males to worry about. White men are always the evil rapists, that Black guy eyeing you is just being sweet. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Whenever you wonder why Black and other non-White males are able to get off easy from the media in spite of rape and domestic abuse charges, this is why. From Jameis Winston to the Steubenville rapists, we’re called to be understanding and not rush to judgment when non-White men are involved. When it comes to White dudes, like in the Duke Lacrosse case, the opposite is de rigueur.

California’s rules are designed for those who are actually going to follow and care about the law—Whites. Their byzantine strictures will force more White men to cede ground to women in the bedroom, while the women pursue more non-Whites who care little for the effeminate rules of society. We can only expect more “nice” White beta males to get expelled from school, while Arabs run harems full of our young daughters. Oh yeah, and probably more consensual gang bangs with a dozen Black guys. This is the dual triumph of multiculturalism and feminism.

Make no mistake—feminism is not anti-male or even anti-White male. It is anti-White. Period.

It harms White men and White women alike. It forces White men to emasculate themselves and indoctrinates White women into believing all of their biological impulses are wrong. It destroys White families and creates a “War of the Sexes” where both sides are lose. It makes White women want to punish White males for saying “sexist” jokes, while ignoring the actual perpetrators of violent rape. It not only robs White men of their ability to defend their wives, sisters, and daughters from the predations of non-Whites, but punishes them for even trying. (The only people arrested prior to the break-up of the Rotherham sex ring were the fathers trying to rescue their daughters from the clutches of their tormentors.)

While sex laws become more draconian for White men and they are further assaulted for trying to be men, the more virile Arabs, Blacks, and Hispanics that are swarming into our countries will continue to victimize our people. The worst thing about Rotherham is not that it occurred, but that there will be more.