The Islamic State must be reeling from this latest protest.

Two feminists took the time to menstruate and shit on an ISIS flag from the safe confines of Sweden–potentially devastating the morale of the entire organization and forcing the Islamists to retreat back to Raqqa.

Returning to reality, this is just another instance of a shocking, yet safe protest against a foe with little chance of retribution. While the feminists hail from Muslim-majority Egypt, they aren’t really threatened by ISIS in their new Nordic home. If this has any result, it reaffirms the terrorist group’s mission to eliminate Western influence and ensure every woman within their domain takes the veil.

The new feminist way of protest is to take the shock level to 11 and force society to accept their protest as a powerful statement against tyranny. They’re really just vanity projects that try to convey threatening feminity–while ignoring the fact that their protests are ensured by the powerful security might of the System that keeps the bad extremists away.

The best example of this is Femen’s “protest” against the heroic suicide of Dominique Venner. Sans shirt and honor, a good looking activist with a plastic gun postured in the middle of Notre Dame Cathedral as cameras flashed and some message was heard. You would be excused if you thought it was a stunt put on by the Church or the government of France with how many cameras were there, the lack of anyone trying to stop it beforehand, and how it was all seemingly designed to show that the entire System really did not like Venner’s statement of defiance.

The purpose of the Left’s shock protests is to use shocking imagery against the dreaded opponents of the System without any fear of consequences. The menstrual warrior committed her act knowing there was little chance of an ISIS militant showing up at her door and decapitating her–while the West would applaud her for bravery. The Antifa Femen committed her act knowing she would get the same applause for bravery and suffer no long-term consequences from the State.

The one notable exception is Russia imprisoning Pussy Riot for inappropriately performing in an Orthodox Church. In Russia, the stakes are higher for these protests and society is more than willing to punish the Left for going after the enemies of the West’s New Morality.

Shock protests are a natural development of the West’s dual embrace of degeneracy and pussification. We now have little regard for actual acts of aggressive defiance, men are told to act like eunuchs, and we now imagine women defiling on flags as some kind of powerful act against evil. In reality, the shit flag has no real effect besides upsetting the stomachs of Western viewers. It demonstrates a complete lack of awareness that this form of protest is only guaranteed by violent men willing to fight other violent men for their right to menstruate in public.

Radicalism isn’t shitting women dependent on the protection of modern civilization. It is violent men willing to die for a higher purpose. Those are the individuals who make history.

Correction: Article originally misattributed their location to Egypt. They’re merely Egyptians living in Sweden.