Long-retired NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar somehow managed to crawl back into the news cycle this week with a Time essay likely written by an assistant.

Given the clickbaity title “The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race” and wah-lah, it became a viral hit in the wake of the Ferguson riots. It’s mainly a half-baked rehash of pop Marxism of how the wealthy divide the poor, race doesn’t matter, let’s fight for equality, and so on and so forth.

You won’t be enlightened here. But it is refreshing to see someone use class warfare not as an epithet, but as an argument for political policy. Of course, Kareem misses the mark and tried to make his article appealing to everyone–even conservatives. The issue is you can’t write an essay trying to appeal to everyone and make hard points about class warfare. Period.

Nor can one ignore the inanity of the point that it isn’t about race–it’s all about race. Just not the way the Left imagines racial conflict.

But the amount of attention paid to it and the honing in on the oft-discussed but little acted upon issue of income inequality does affirm that many Americans feel there are tremendous gaps in today’s society. The problem comes when recognizing the sides of the war–and it’s not just elites versus everyone else. It’s elites allied with the non-White underclass waging a war against working-class and middle-class Whites.

From mass immigration to affirmative action, to outsourcing and political correctness, non-elite Whites are facing the brunt of the class war. There’s no cross color rainbow of oppressed people–non-Whites receive an incredible amount of benefits from the System that are denied to less well-off Whites. Rural Whites have little chance of going to an Ivy League school and have no chance of earning a job just because of their predicament. Their culture and way of life is hated and torn apart and they have few areas of recourse. The System is not built for the benefit of these Whites–it’s built for the benefit of the elites with enough goodies for the non-White masses to keep them appeased.

That’s the real class war. And no Kareem, it is all about race. It’s the War on Whites.