When Martin Luther King Day became an official holiday, there was no way you could remove him from the pantheon of American heroes.

That’s why conservatives have been so dedicated in adopting King as one of their own and finding hidden clues that he was actually a dyed-in-the-wool conservative.

We all know that he is really the God of White Dispossession, but with conservatives’ desperate attachment to America and its hall of heroes, they can’t bear the thought that their country would honor a man that seeks their downfall.

So they have become the biggest proponents of mythologizing MLK to the the point of ridiculousness. Case in point, a recent interview WorldNetDaily (better known for biblical prophecy theories and birther conspiracies) had with MLK’s niece, Alveda King.

King is one of the many Black conservatives who exist solely to tell White conservatives what they want to hear. Similar to Dinesh D’Souza’s “quintessential American” Star Parker, Mrs. King had two abortions early in life (and would’ve had a third if her family hadn’t refused to pay for it). She then had a supposed “come to Jesus” moment and now works full-time promoting the notion that her uncle was actually a Republican (with little evidence to bolster her claim).

That’s no concern though when hard conservatives need to enlist MLK to validate their ideas. So instead of hearing about an open social democrat who philandered and plagiarized his doctoral thesis, we hear a tale of a divine saint that transcended the human condition. Not only that, but contrary to all credible evidence, he was a social conservative who knew abortion equaled Black genocide:

In a November 1957 advice column for Ebony magazine, King wrote, “The problems created by premarital sex relationships are far greater than the problems created by premarital virginity. The suspicion, fears, and guilt feelings generated by premarital sex relations are contributing factors to the present breakdown of the family. Real men still respect purity and virginity with women. If a man breaks a relationship with you because you would not allow him to participate in the sexual act, you can be assured that he did not love you from the beginning.”

Alveda told WND, “People think that’s old-fashioned, but that’s still true today. It was true then, and it’s true now. He was pretty much contemporary, very modern, but those standards that are timeless he supported.” …

As part of his faith and profound respect for strong families and the marital bond, Martin Luther King Jr. never wavered in his belief in biblical marriage, Alveda said.

She explained in her book, King “lost a high-ranking member of his organizational team, Bayard Rustin, because Rustin was openly gay. Rustin was convinced that the homosexual agenda should be included in the civil rights struggle for desegregation. But Uncle M.L. clung to the Scripture and refused to acknowledge homosexuality as an issue that needed to be addressed on the public platform where the battle for skin color equity was being engaged.”

Alveda continued, “He had strong reasons for this because he was a man of God, and the Bible is clear on this topic. … By the Bible’s definition, marriage is a union between one man and one woman. Other forms of human sexuality, including adultery(Editor’s Note: That must’ve not applied to the good doctor), fornication, and homosexuality, don’t fit God’s design.”

And if a person claims to have been “born gay”?

“God has the same answer for any sin, including heterosexual lust,” she wrote. “Turn to Jesus.”…

Martin Luther King Jr. was not only a Christian man who believed in traditional marriage and advocated strong family values, said Alveda. He was steadfastly pro-life as well.

In 1966, Planned Parenthood presented King with its Margaret Sanger Award, named in honor of “the woman who founded America’s family planning movement.”

Margaret Sanger was “a racist and a significant figure in the eugenics movement, one of the ugliest social movements in our history,” Alveda wrote. “Neither of these things was widely known in the mid-sixties. Regardless, my uncle was wary about receiving the award from the moment he heard about it.”

She explained that King never actually accepted the award. His wife accepted it for him.

The amount of falsehoods, distortions, and just plain wrong information is astounding. King openly backed his gay adviser Bayard Rustin and refused calls to disassociate him due his sexual orientation. King was a supporter of Planned Parenthood and understood what its real mission was. King was a serial adulterer and in no way lived up to the Christian ideal for marriage. King was also a strong advocate of wealth redistribution to the Black community and believed in a guaranteed income for all citizens–hardly ideas that conservatives would embrace.

Thus, conservatives have to construct a version of MLK that has no basis in fact to buttress their ideas. While the left embraces King for who he really was (they don’t have to mythologize him because his life and beliefs perfectly fit their ideals anyway), it’s the American Right that is dishonest and hyperbolic when it comes to discussing the civil rights leader. They have to mythologize him and distort his record in order to ease their minds to the thought that a socialist, ethnic advocate is now a part of America’s pantheon of great figures.

In the same vein as D’Souza’s latest film America, the pathetic attempt to adopt King as a conservative only serves to further drive intelligent people away from the American Right.

And that it is why it is important for our side to demystify and explain the truth about Martin Luther King. Undermining one of the establishment’s heroes is bound to lead to more questioning of other tenets of our current social order. More Whites need to see King as the God of White Dispossession and his holiday as an affront to our Identity. That is why we have to combat the misinformation spread by conservatives about King’s legacy and spread the message that King’s egalitarianism is harmful for our civilization.