The police killing of a black man has turned a St. Louis suburb into a place where chaos reigns.

Rioting predictably broke out after a memorial service for the slain 18-year old Michael Brown and the black participants went straight to supermarkets to loot and pillage, setting one ablaze.

Also predictably, the mass media began sympathetically portraying the rioters as protesters against injustice and ignored their ransacking of local stores.

Whatever the truth is behind the shooting of Brown, we know that our guardians of culture will mark it down as another injustice done to Blacks by Whites. Like Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, and Tawana Brawley, the facts don’t matter as long as there’s a media narrative to promote about the continuation of racial injustice in America. Even if the police officer shot Brown out of self-defense, that won’t save him from a conviction if the case of Theodore Wafer out of suburban Detroit sets a precedent for our justice system.

Wafer shot a very inebriated Black woman who had just crashed her car after making the great decision to drink and drive, and then violently beat down on Wafer’s door. Wafer made the understandable decision to shoot before asking questions.

“I wasn’t going to cower in my house,” Wafer said in his testimony.

Unfortunately for Whites, not cowering in your house while non-Whites rampage near your home is a crime, and Wafer was convicted of second-degree murder. The thought of mass race riots in Michigan in response to an acquittal likely weighed heavily on the minds of the jury as they made their decision.

Recapping: Black looters=freedom fighters; Armed White guy defending his home=MAJOR THREAT! That’s anarcho-tyranny for ya.

As the System works harder to criminalize White self-defense and appease non-White rioters, we have to ask: how long does the System hope this arrangement can last? If Blacks know that they will never be blamed for rioting and they can get goodies both in the short-term (free TVs, shoes, liquor, etc.) and in the long-term (more spending in the community, more punishment for Whites, etc.), why don’t they just riot more if they won’t face any serious repercussions and get more free stuff anyway?

The criminalization of White self-defense has largely been undertaken to prevent Blacks and other non-Whites from rioting. The LA riots of 1992 caused over a billion dollars in property damage–not a paltry sum for the government and insurance companies to compensate for. There is little doubt that the System doesn’t want to deal too harshly with race riots or ensure they can’t happen due to the prevailing morality and the fact the media will always be on the side of the rioters. So they bribe Black communities to stay in line in the hope they won’t riot and cause millions of dollars in damage again.

But with the American state losing the will to harshly deal with crime and the likelihood of legislation passing that would eliminate mandatory sentencing and courts finding measures such as stop-and-frisk unconstitutional, there’s going to be more violent Blacks in the neighborhoods causing trouble and willing to fight the state (and get some free shit while they’re at it).

Whites will still shoot non-Whites in self-defense as long as guns our legal (which they look to be for the foreseeable future) and police are on the street. If Blacks no longer wait for the trial to riot, how can the System appease them when it doesn’t have the willpower to crack down on them beforehand?

How many more billion dollar race riots can the System afford?

This development could into turn out to be its Achilles Heel.