It’s not every day you see a leftist go up in flames—literally!

In an act that would make a great scene in a right-wing comedy film, lifelong “social justice” pastor Charles Moore decided to go out in a blaze of un-glory as he took his life with a gallon of gasoline and a trusted match in front of a Texas shopping mall.

What was the reasoning behind this incredible act? A protest against social injustice… or something like that. Not even Huffington Post’s glowing coverage of his death can pinpoint an exact reason, except that he was upset by how many of his fellow Whites continued to be evil racists.

“I will soon be 80 years old, and my heart is broken over this. America, and Grand Saline… have never really repented for the atrocities of slavery and its aftermath. What my hometown needs to do is open its heart and its doors to black people as a sign of the rejection of past sins.”

You gotta remember that racism is one of the cardinal sins of Spiritual Bolshevism, so Moore had to be really upset his town didn’t meet his quota for diversity. (FYI: the town is around 78% non-Hispanic White.)

But this is still not a direct reason for lighting himself on fire. And hasn’t America made enough strides to appease non-Whites and enforce White guilt? Not so according to this rabid leftist, and that’s why he took his life in an act that he felt would inspire several people to “higher service.”

Unfortunately for him, his shopping mall blaze went largely unnoticed until HuffPo picked it up nearly three weeks after it occurred. It only has a little over 1000 shares, so his story has (thankfully) not connected with that many people.

It connected with me though—with just how insane it is. His compatriot, Rev. Jeff Hood, wrote in a eulogy post entitled “Don’t You Dare Turn Your Head,” about his worry that many people would dismiss Moore and his action as insane. Needless to say, his worry was right.
If anything, you would imagine this man would be taking a victory lap in the twilight of his life. Gay marriage is looking poised to become legal in all 50 states, many Christian organizations have embraced homosexuality (Moore went on a hunger strike in 1995 to protest his own denomination for not embracing it), political incorrectness is punishable by job loss and worse, non-Whites have never had it better, and many Whites hate themselves for being White. What’s not to cheer about it if you are a life-long leftist?

That’s if you fail to realize that leftists are motivated by an undying resentment for all things traditional and healthy. Even when they are triumphant, they can never quench the fire of resentment and are always in need of a new “injustice” to give their lives meaning. Moore’s form of Christianity likely exacerbated this feeling and compelled him to allow that fire of hate to literally consume him in his final act.

The case of Rev. Moore shows us that the bleeding hearts of the left will never truly be satisfied, in spite of all their efforts to turn all noble life into a burned out husk.

I can’t help but compare his suicide to that of Dominique Venner. Venner’s death symbolized a heroic acceptance of death and a final protest against a direct threat to his people—their disappearance from the Earth. Moore’s was one of self-pity, hate, weakness, and comedy. Venner chose Notre Dame Cathedral, Moore chose a non-descript shopping mall. Venner was portrayed as a lunatic for committing a rational and noble act, Moore was celebrated for committing an act only a lunatic would consider.

We all know who looks better in this comparison.

The one thing to draw from Moore’s self-immolation is this: whenever you want to imagine the end result of left-wing belief, imagine a social justice preacher burning himself alive in front of an American strip mall.