As America’s “Camp of the Saints” continues unabated at the Mexico border, many Middle Americans have taken the chance to protest bringing illegal aliens to their communities.

The Murrieta spirit has spread to towns all over the country and it seems like there could be a real potential for a large-scale, immigration protest movement forming stateside.

But while there’s potential, there’s a significant factor that it will ensure these protests fizzle out and the anger of Middle America will be channeled into pointless issues once again.

Because these people still believe the biggest group of con men the world has ever known is on their side.

I’m talking about the Republican Party and the conservative movement that supports it. Both of these groups have already managed to appeal to this anger and turn towards to fruitless causes. The man who has done this most to appease this rising discontent is fervent amnesty supporter and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

He’s been all over the airwaves attacking President Obama and calling for the National Guard to secure the border. He’s gotten photo ops in military gear, looking like he’s the only thing between White America and a terrifying horde of Central Americans. He has mastered the art of embodying White backlash, while at the same time supporting policies that further dispossess Whites. He is a strong supporter of allowing more immigrants to come to America and demographically replace Whites. He’s also a major supporter of Big Business—which is the primary factor attracting these illegals, has outsourced millions of jobs overseas, and promotes a corrosive consumerist spirit amongst our people.

But don’t expect the tea party crowd to pick up on those facts as he’s working his magic—pretending to be their man standing up against this immigrant flood.

The other ridiculous scheme that some Republicans have concocted is to channel White angst into a harmless vacuum known as impeachment. This is quite possibly the dumbest idea I have ever seen come out of conservative circles. It is seemingly oblivious to the fact that we would just get fellow liberal Joe Biden as America’s new President. It would also do absolutely nothing to stop immigration, it has no chance in hell of passing the Senate (and little chance of passing the House), and makes all people who suggest it appear incredibly stupid.

Sure, you can argue that it would put immigration front and center in the national discussion. But you would fail to realize the remarkable talent of Republicans to turn it into an action over non-issues. I would not be surprised if you had Republicans go on national TV and say that they are not supporting impeachment because of immigration, but because of Benghazi–or because Obama hasn’t done enough to support Israel in its time of need.

The only elected Republican officials who want to have a frank discussion on immigration are Jeff Sessions and Steve King. The rest just want to say “Secure the Border!” and move on to other issues. Even if impeachment was a serious option (which it’s not), Republicans would make sure immigration was never at the center of the discussion. That’s because most are like Rick Perry and want more of it. And so do their donors.

The Republican Party and the Tea Party are both massive scams that keep Whites from actually doing anything that might upset the system. They have an incredible ability to make sure we don’t do anything too radical and never form anything that could turn into mass, White interest movements.

With that in mind, please stop thinking that anything these groups promote is worthy of our support. Whatever it is, it is just another scheme to ensure your discontent (and dollars) are funneled to fight the capital gains tax. Stop thinking these people are our allies.

Buying the entire discography of Graveland is a more serious political act than anything the conservative movement will ever come up with.

So don’t fool yourself—impeachment is just another way to funnel your alienation into safer outlets.