Here’s a fine example of conservative multiracialism in action:

A couple have done an extreme ‘Brangelina’ by adopting eight siblings from an African orphanage in one go – the biggest single adoption in history.

‘Now we have eight new mouths to feed, we have to be careful with money, but we find the most joy from just being together as a family – we don’t have to buy expensive clothes or toys to be happy.

‘Our eight new kids were always destined to be a part of our family, it just took us a little while to find them. Now, our family has tripled in size and happiness.’

When the couple originally looked into adopting they were adamant it would just be one or two children. But after hearing the names of a number of children who were still waiting to be adopted they decided they should take more.

They were then told about Michael, 16, Samuel, 15, Gabrielle, 12, Levi, 11, Malachi, nine, Judah, eight, Isaiah, seven and Zion, five, and decided they would be the perfect addition.

Mr Jones said: ‘We thought it was about two or three children we’d be adopting when we initially met the orphanage.

‘But God was telling us both separately to keep going for more and more – it was just brought up that there was a sibling group of six and eight.

‘They were just names on a piece of paper and we didn’t know anything about them.

‘It’s like I got hit in the head with a hammer, I didn’t know anything about them but I knew we were meant to adopt them.

‘We had no idea if there were physical, or any types of disabilities or anything at all, we had no idea.

‘When Hayley went over there and was able to spend time with them, she just knew straight away they were our kids.’

“God was telling us”. That about sums it up.