“I support Israel not only because I worship a Jew but because of what the Bible says about Israel and the future of Israel.”

In one sentence, the son of evangelical pastor Billy Graham was able to convey all of the intellectual depth behind the Christian Zionist movement.

The movement bases itself around the notion that the Messiah coming back to Earth is all dependent on Likud staying in power in Tel Aviv. They’re persuaded with Biblical allusions and references to the fact that Jesus, the disciples, and every protagonist in the Holy Book was a Jew to dutifully follow the orders of snake oil men like John Hagee and the Israel Lobby.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with Zionism (besides dominating American foreign policy) and is actually an idea that we should sympathize with (a people returning to the land of their ancestors to cultivate a strong ethnostate), the fact that they manipulate millions of Middle Americans–who they despise–is downright shameful.

But we shouldn’t fault the Zionists for looking out for their own cause and deceiving droves of White Americans to ensure the interests of Israel. We should fault the shabbos goy like Franklin Graham who act as the gentile face for these measures and knowingly scams less intelligent Whites into buying this snake oil.

Christian Zionists are merely a dumber version of White Liberals. Instead of worshipping Blacks, they worship another non-Occidental people as the chosen ones of God and actively work to sacrifice their own interests and people’s future on behalf of them. They even have their own form of White guilt in constantly apologizing and feeling bad for Christians in the past expressing anti-Semitism. Their worship of Jews borders on fetishization and naturally incites hatred for the root cultures of European peoples. Their attachment to Israel also precludes them from seeing Whites as a distinct body of people who deserve the same right to live in a land of their own and causes them to have knee-jerk reactions to any type of Identitarian thinking (because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that it all leads back to Auschwitz).

Unfortunately, they have become a powerful force in America’s decaying Heartland as millions of White Americans search for an outlet for their spiritual crisis. You could call Christian Zionism spiritual meth as it harms the same areas of the country, appeals to the widespread “lost soul” mentality of many working-class Whites, and ensnares the user to a product that will ultimately lead to the individual’s destruction.

But that is why we must work towards building an idea that is as attractive to the many lost souls who dominate America’s landscape and fulfills their inner need to have a purpose in life.

We have to counter the insidiousness of evil men like Franklin Graham who makes millions off of the hopelessness of Whites and convinces them to sacrifice themselves on behalf of Tel Aviv.