One student club at the University College London was planning on striking at the root of modernity – before they got struck down for being too awesome.

The Nietzsche Club (also known as Tradition UCL) was created to spread and discuss the ideas of their namesake, as well as the ideas of Martin Heidegger, Julius Evola, Alain de Benoist, and other traditionalist/anti-egalitarian thinkers. They made their name known throughout campus with provocative and well-produced posters that declared “Equality is a false god!” and asked “Too much political correctness?”

Needless to say, this sounds like the greatest student club ever created and looked to provide a breeding ground for radical traditionalist culture and thought for young people in the heart of the UK.

But sadly, there is “too much political correctness” at UCL and the group was quickly banned after their posters were plastered all over the college.

And it wasn’t school administrators that banned these young Nietzscheans from spreading the master morality around campus — it was their fellow classmates who represent the student body in the Union Council.

The Council didn’t just feel it was necessary to deny this group official recognition from the university. They also passed a resolution that would commit the student government to actively “fighting fascism.”

Welcome to British higher education.

In a hilariously, over-the-top resolution drafted by the head of the University College London Marxist Society and approved by the rest of the Union Council, the body affirms its oppositional stance towards any right-wing thought. On the thinkers that the group advertised as supporting, the resolution had this to say:

That the aforementioned philosophers and thinkers are on the extreme-right, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, homophobic, anti-Marxist, anti-worker and have had connections, direct or indirect, with Italian fascism and German Nazism.
Not sure how Nietzsche and Benoist connect with mid-20th century fascism, but I guess the student council knows better.

Where it gets hilarious is explaining how a small group of individuals meeting together to discuss ideas and culture is so threatening to the well-being of the campus:

  1. That this group is aimed at promoting a far-right, fascist ideology at UCL.
  2. That there is no meaningful distinction to be made between a far-right and a fascist ideology.
  3. That this group may have connections to the wider fascist movement and other organised groups, specifically those groups using the name “Radical Traditionalism” to describe their ideology, such as the “Traditionalist Youth Network”, and the “Traditional Britain Group”3
  4. That fascism is directly threatening to the safety of the UCL student body and UCLU members.
  5. That fascism is used by the ruling class to divide workers and students along ethnic, national, religious, and gender lines, as a measure to split them and thus weaken their effectiveness as a force and undermine their resistance to policies of austerity, attacks on living standards and public services, and other consequences of the crisis of the capitalist system.
  6. That fascism has no place at UCL or UCLU, and that any attempts by fascists or the far-right to organise on campus must be met with unconditional resistance.
    You better believe that a student government just declared that fascism is a tool of the ruling class and an offshoot of capitalism. Somehow the ruling class seems to tolerate Marxism, but offers zero support for any true right-wing ideologies. Must be a technique to fool the working class into believing their not secretly oppressing them.

And finally, the student government voiced its commitment to building a socialist society. Really:

To commit to a struggle against fascism and the far-right, in a united front of students, workers, trade unions and the wider labour movement, with the perspective of fighting the root cause of fascism – capitalism. Thus, the struggle is to be united under the programme of a socialist transformation of society.

It would simply remain a comedic sideshow if this didn’t actually occur. As if we needed more proof to show how Marxism and the radical Left now serve as the “Dobermans of Political Correctness.”

Whatever the result of this farce, these young men who created this club should be congratulated for their efforts to start a club that threatened the ruling order on their campus and wanted to promote high ideals and inspiring culture. If any of the individuals who were involved in this project happen to read this, please contact us as we would like to get in touch.