Gregory Hood has an interesting 2-parter on the dismal state of sexual affairs over at Counter-Currents. Both parts are worth the read to see a direct account of how thoroughly fucked up the sexual relations are in the West and how it furthers a nihilistic culture dedicated to personal gratification.

What’s the culprit behind this sordid state of affairs? Unleashed female sexuality that undermines monogamy and a willingness to commit to a marital relationship. Who promotes it? The powers that be who wish for all individuals to become good little consumers who only desire a good humping once in a while. What challenges sexual subversion? Game… apparently.

Or does it?

No one is doubting that Game reveals ugly truths that the feminist dominated intelligentsia would rather not entertain, and that the advice the movement gives to men is much better than the “be a respectful eunuch” mantra mainstream culture imposes upon us. There’s also no question that Game touches upon more subversive ideas than that of female sexual desires and can lead disaffected men to accepting Identitarianism.

But it does not challenge the sexual chaos—it merely navigates it to teach men techniques to attain pussy in a debased society. Which isn’t it to say that is a bad thing as men need to somehow fulfill the desires bestowed by nature. Otherwise, you have more “men” who transform into Elliot Rodger.

That is why it also doesn’t challenge the prevailing orthodoxy–because the modern, independent woman wants casual hook-up sex. Game gives them what they want without changing their desires or altering their path in life. It’s not like these women don’t want to have sex with confident men (sometimes known as assholes) or are dishonest with themselves about what they want out of a guy.

The women who continuously shriek about Game are at the bottom-end of the mating pool and channel their anger at any man who would not sink to their level. They want all men to throw out standards of tastes and accept all women as beautiful. The vast majority of women who make up the SWPL class are not like that and understand that there is a natural hierarchy when it comes to sexual relations. That is why they exploit it and are able to enjoy the luxuries of female sexual power (until they turn 30 and saggy of course).

They don’t want more betas to try wrangle them into a traditional relationship. They wish more guys had a Game mentality where they could have hook-up sex without the worry of the next day text. Because society has taught them that their personal happiness comes first–with their careers coming a close second–this situation works out perfectly for them.

Calling Game the Sexual Counter-Revolution because the writers of Jezebel have a problem with it is not accurate. It is part and parcel of the Sexual Revolution that has given us the chaos of today.

Even though Game is for the most part a benign phenomenon that teaches men not to be knee-bending white knights, it can also lead men who feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world to embracing a lifestyle that ensures their subservience to the prevailing system. Constantly chasing tail in bar settings does not connote revolting against the modern world, nor are you rejecting the typical bourgeois lifestyle. Saying that the only expression of masculinity allowed by society is achieving “notches” is a defeatist sentiment and plainly admits that society does not view your behavior as challenging its norms.

No one is saying getting laid is wrong, but it becoming the way you define your life is a contemptible path. While you might imagine yourself an alpha, you have to one day realize that the greatest exhibitor of alpha sexual behavior is not well-read Whites implementing skills they learned from Heartiste, but semi-literate Negroes who have dozens of children with dozens of women.

As Hood points out, the main benefit of the popularity of Game is appealing to a large swath of Whites who understand that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world we live in and pulls them on a road that could lead them to embracing their racial identity. We don’t have the access to a large audience like Return of Kings has, but it and Heartiste are capable of introducing our ideas to that audience and leading them to seek out ideas that answer why is there so much wrong with the modern world.

But for all of its merits, Game is not a Counter-Revolution. The only way we can we resolve the sexual crisis of our era is through a broader revolution of the West’s cultural sphere.