In what might constitute the greatest political upset in modern American history, poorly funded challenger Dave Brat soundly defeated Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in an election that was entirely centered on amnesty.

It’s hard not to be swept up by the enthusiasm conjured by Brat’s unprecedented victory over Cantor as the Majority Leader is a perfect symbol for our odious political class and his humiliating defeat is a satisfying thing to watch. But we should take a step back and see this development from a broader perspective.

Clearly Cantor’s loss signals White America’s disenchantment with demographic replacement and contempt for politicians enthralled to the interests of big business. Brat ran against him not just as a paint-by-numbers Tea Partier who only wanted to secure the borders—but as someone who genuinely wants to reform America’s immigration system to reduce migration levels.

He is one of the few GOP candidates that aligns with the viewpoints of groups like NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform and his victory has predictably raised the hopes of those who desire the Republican Party to embrace “national conservatism” and save America from the grasp of liberals.

There is little doubt that Brat’s win has killed the chances of amnesty’s passage in 2014 and will likely mean that a Republican-controlled House of Representatives will not even consider any bill that would grant permanent residence to illegal immigrants until after the 2016 election.

So there’s little wonder why VDare and others are enthusiastically celebrating this as the death of Amnesty and view this as an augury for Middle America finally awaking to take back America.

I hate to bear the bad news, but this result has only temporarily delayed amnesty and will do nothing significant to stop the demographic swamping of White America. It only gives off the illusion that concerned Americans can reverse our demographic catastrophe and make America what it once was. But that will not happen as only a handful of Republicans are willing to pass any type of legislation that would restrict immigration, de facto amnesty will not be challenged as the Obama administration seems to have not stopped caring about deporting illegals, and the donors and figures that control the GOP are still deadset on passing amnesty—no matter how long it takes—to secure a cheaper and more subservient workforce.

“Defeating” amnesty is a fight that ultimately serves as a distraction from understanding the broader problems that our plaguing our people and causing our decline. Even if immigration restriction was a realistic idea that had the chance of passage, we would still not resolve the inner crises of our people and we would still have millions of non-Whites living in America who have zero connection to the country they happen to reside in.

In other words, “defeating” amnesty will not win back the fantasy America cherished by so many conservatives. “Defeating” amnesty only serves to indulge the deceitful notion that we can still solve our problems through the established system and lure well-meaning Whites into a false state of complacency.

There is also the fact that amnesty will be passed someday—it’s just a question of when.

But there is an intriguing possibility to this outcome—it might force President Obama into passing amnesty through executive order. This would lead to the further balkanization of America and undermine the trust that many White Americans still place in the federal government. That could lead more Whites into accepting our point of view and working towards more effective solutions to the problems that beset our people instead of fighting trumped up measures that matter little in the larger scale of events.

There is one positive factor to take away from last night’s vote and that i does reveal the discontent of (some) Whites towards demographic change and a desire to halt it—a positive omen that enough Whites are willing to challenge the fate of the United States transforming into a multiracial hellhole.