Nothing gives hope for our cause more than the activities and propaganda that is being produced by nationalist youth groups all across Europe.

If you want to know how to create effective propaganda, watch this video courtesy of the youth wing of Sweden’s National Democrat Party:

Here are a group of vibrant-looking youth from all across Europe declaring that “Europe Belongs To Us” with high-production values and stirring effects. This is how you make you propaganda.

In another fantastic example of effective propaganda, Patrick Le Brun at Counter-Currents highlights the self-defense training courses that Generation Identiaire are holding in several parts of France. Here is one of the posters that the group has distributed for these useful trainings:

This flyer presents an event that a broad range of young people would be interested in attending as it promises to teach them a valuable skill, offer a bonding experience with like-minded individuals, uses stylish imagery, and promises an acoustic concert that should appeal to the tastes of all right-wing youth.

Both of these examples show that the children of Europe know how to create effective propaganda and are intent on reclaiming their land.