May 10th may go down as the gayest day in human history for two large, spectator events in Europe and the United States respectively.

In Europe, you had a beared transvestite–complete with a female gown and husky voice–win the popular Eurovision contest. Europe collectively patted itself on the back for transcending homophobia, despite evidence arising that the voting was rigged in favor of Conchita Wurst.

In addition, Russia’s entry of two adorable and wholesome identical twins were booed for their country’s laws restricting homosexual propaganda and actions in Ukraine.

Meanwhile in the states, the first openly gay football player was drafted by a National Football League team. He celebrated by making out with his boyfriend live on national television.

Andrew Sullivan perfectly described the scenario of an imposing black man making out with an effiminate white male after receiving news he would continue playing in the one of the most violent sports there is:

Football, masculinity, race, and love collide together — in a few, too-human moments that defy any words. It’s a new world.

A new world indeed. Prepare to have it shoved down good and hard.