The Kansas Synagogue shooting has made perfect fodder for the national media this week as it featured a moronic ex-Klansman engaging in a meaningless killing spree that left three non-Jewish whites dead.

Seeing as how the media likes to allow no tragedy to go unexploited, we now have certain outlets using the shooting to attack their political enemies – no matter how tenuous the connection.

This explains the current assaults against journalist Max Blumenthal by some in the conservative media sphere. Despite being Jewish and a leftist, The Washington Free Beacon has derided Blumenthal for somehow influencing the nut job Glenn Miller and contributing to an atmosphere that fuels hatred towards Israel.

With the sub-headline of “Alleged murderer ran a pro-Nazi, pro-Blumenthal online forum,” the Free Beacon fully detailed every case of anyone on VNN Forum positively citing Blumenthal’s work. This made a good enough connection for them to condemn Blumenthal and put him on the same wavelength as Glenn Miller.

While they mention Blumenthal’s anti-Israel works, what the Beacon fails to mention is Blumenthal’s report on the connection between writers at the Free Beacon and other outlets and Liz Wahl’s on-air resignation from RT. The Israeli skeptic’s stance on the issue of the Jewish state alone would justify a hit piece linking him to Miller, but it makes him an even better target when he insinuated your outlet colludes with foreign government and deliberately promotes an anti-Russian narrative on behalf of other parties.

For the Beacon’s purpose is not to supply objective journalism, but to promote an interventionist foreign policy and a steadfast affirmation of Israel. The hit piece on Blumenthal is designed to discredit his works and paint him as well outside the mainstream of political discussion.

Blumenthal’s works are certainly interesting and his piece about the shooting is worth reading. But his primary criticism of Israel is that it functions as a strong, ethno-nationalist state – which should be more of a reason to support and emulate Israel instead. The problem is that the pro-Israel crowd thinks ethno-nationalism is off limits to whites and Israel’s policies should only be enacted within the Mediterranean state.

And that is why both Identitarians and anti-nationalists like Blumenthal are seen as equal enemies of Zionism.
It is strange how Zionists (and I mean the term in the proper sense of Jews who strongly support Israel, not code for Jews in general) are so rabid in promoting multiculturalism to the West, even though it is likely to undermine support for their state and create an international paradigm that would likely jeopardize its continued existence.

We can only hope that they one day wake up to this reality and can find some common ground with Identitarians.