National Geographic was kind enough to put together 26 faces that will represent America in 2050. What do they all share in common? They’re all mixed-race and carry features that make them essentially fully amalgamated.

What you’ll see below is confusing array of facades that include blacks with blonde hair, blue-eyed individuals with Asiatic features, and a whole motley of other features of racial mixture.

While this has already been celebrated as “beautiful” by enthusiastic left-wing bloggers, what this really represents is the apogee of monoculture. None of these individuals has a clear identity or can possibly have ties to a particular community due to their racial mix. In several ways, they’re the perfect consumers that our corporate overlords dream of since the only way they can achieve status and achievement is in a society that decimates identity and severs man from his community.

Most of RadixJournal’s readers will find these faces strange and alien. We would not find this collage beautiful, but instead troubling and uncomfortable. In some ways, it’s our instincts telling us that these folks are outsiders and strangers and could never be fully welcomed into our community, or any other community that seeks to maintain its historical identity.

Man is naturally tribal, or as Aristotle described, a “political animal.” We desire to be a part of a larger community and to have ties that are not solely based on commerce. These mixed-race individuals can’t claim that because their very existence is emblematic of the monoculture that seeks to strip man of his tribal allegiances and cherished traditions. They are no race, they are no people, they are no tribe, and they have no traditions.

Keep these faces in mind for remembering and understanding why our cause must succeed.

We don’t want an artificial identity that will be imposed by the monoculture — we want an identity that we can share with our ancestors and pass on to our descendants.

We want an identity that is transcendent and not based merely on commerce and materialism. We want to preserve the biological and cultural heritage of Europe. We want to preserve white identity.

These faces represent what the triumph of monoculture will look like – a future where our identity is extinct and we have no purpose in life except to live out the existence of the Last Man. We must succeed and we must prevent the monoculture’s victory march over our heritage and our future.