Don’t you hate it when you have to move to a homogenous community full of whites to get away from the problems of diverse problems? Well white liberals are, and they’re particularly worried that their kids might become racist because they don’t see enough brown and black faces in their hometown (because diversity naturally leads to a racial harmony!).

One hilariously deluded SWPL at Slate wrote a piece where she expressed her terrifying feeling that homogeneity might turn her kids into racists. But don’t worry everyone, she consulted some “Africologists” to figure out how to overcome her kids inherent racism – which apparently comes from our media, not our natural instincts:

When researchers presented 30-month-olds with pictures of children of various races and asked them to pick who they would want to play with, the toddlers were more likely to pick kids of their race. Likewise, when sociologists Debra Van Ausdale and Joe Feagin observed kids in an urban day care center for 11 months, they found that children as young as three excluded other kids from play based on their race and used race to negotiate power in their social networks, as they described in their 2001 book The First R: How Children Learn Race and Racism.

Why does this happen? Kids actively try to understand and construct rules about their environment. As they do, they engage in what is called transductive or essentialist reasoning, which means that they simultaneously categorize people and objects according to multiple dimensions—so they might believe, wrongly, that people who have the same skin color have similar abilities or intelligence. They also notice class-race patterns—for instance that white people tend to hold privileged jobs or positions (or play them on television). One study found that by age 7, black children rated jobs held by blacks as lower in status than jobs held by whites. In other words, as Winkler wrote in a 2009 paper, “children pick up on the ways in which whiteness is normalized and privileged in U.S. society.”

Despite her aversion to whites having any racial thoughts, she lets it slip why racialism and “ethnocentrism” is natural to humans:

Other aspects of psychology come into play to promote racial biases, too. Children (and adults) exhibit a type of bias known as “in-group” bias, which basically means that we tend to prefer people who are members of groups we also belong to. Researchers have elicited strong in-group biases in children as young as 3 by assigning them to color-coded groups in their preschools; after a few weeks, the children said they preferred the other kids in their group more than kids outside their group and even preferentially chose toys that they were told their groups liked. Starting at around age 4 or 5, kids also start to develop what is called “high-status bias,” in that they show implicit preferences for individuals who are members of high-status groups—in our culture, whites.

But it’s all culture in Melinda Wenner Moyer’s opinion and white parents have to do everything possible to make sure that their kids don’t favor people like themselves over those beautiful dark people – who just happen to be notably absent from their community (must be that racism those Africologists talk about).Starting at 3, white children must be indoctrinated to never have a racial identity and to never think racial thoughts. Non-whites are, once again, absent from these teachings.

But this writer is certainly paranoid to even wonder if political correctness hasn’t been drilled through the minds of white children who never have to experience actual diversity.

A YouTube video produced by a channel that specializes in children’s reactions to popular trends shows that many of our kids have already been indoctrinated by the system.

The video was made in response to the “controversy” over a Cheerios ad that featured a multi-racial family. When some whites had the audacity to voice their disapproval of a white woman having a child with a black man, the media used the chance to scold white America once more for our lack of racial progress.

In the video, kids of various races are shown the Cheerios ad and assessed their reactions. All of them felt it was cute and couldn’t understand why anyone would be upset by it.

When they were told that people were mad that it depicted an interracial couple, on cue, the kids uttered phrases and ideas that could only result from years of racial indoctrination in our school system.

You would be forgiven if you thought Salon had written the script for these kids, as it embodies all of the left’s thoughts on race and interracial relationships.

An Asian kid trots out equality as the highest American value and that interracial relationships are in line with the Founding Fathers’ vision of America. A white girl simply shouts “[t]hat’s offensive” at the thought that white Americans would ever think in racial terms. A white boy is utterly confused by the reaction — he thought that Martin Luther King eliminated racism. Another white girl says that the people she knows would never think that way and that every race and religion is accepted within her community.

This is one of the most tragic videos I have ever watched. To see healthy and intelligent white kids regurgitate the tenets of political correctness is truly disheartening. It reveals how insidious our public schools and children’s media are and the disgusting values they teach our kids.

How do we appeal to the children of tomorrow when they are brainwashed to think that whites shouldn’t stand up for themselves?

This video is strong evidence for the argument of homeschooling our kids. We cannot allow our children to be brainwashed to hate themselves and buy wholeheartedly into the myth of multiracialism.

We have to teach them to cherish their ancestors, not to resent them. We have to let them believe in the values and traditions of old Europe, not to spit upon them. We have to let them know that it is morally right for whites to have our own interests, not an evil beyond comprehension.

Homeschool education is one tool we can use to make that a possibility and hopefully, we can minimize their interactions with the blind and naïve SWPLs who desperately cling to the possibility of a post-racial America.