Greg Johnson has a great article on the Ukrainian crisis over at Counter-Currents that is well worth a read.

Johnson brings up the pertinent point that, while the situation right now looks grim, the crisis offers the opportunity for genuine ethnonationalists to take power in Kiev:

Of all European nationalist parties, Svoboda is probably the most radical and consistent, yet it is also one of the most successful. It deserves to be studied and emulated. Unfortunately, despite an admirable political platform, Svoboda is at present committed to maintaining the artificial Ukrainian state.

That stance could change, however. Indeed, Svoboda is the only Ukrainian party that could appeal to its fundamental principles to ratify the loss of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, should the widening Russian intervention make that a fait accompli. Furthermore, since Svoboda’s power base lies in Western Ukraine, the loss of the East would increase its percentage of the overall electorate.

The new interim government in Kiev appears to be as corrupt as the old one. Ukraine’s political culture as a whole is one of the most corrupt in Europe, which is the cause of widespread cynicism. As long as Svoboda represents the interests of the people and stays relatively aloof from corruption-as-usual, they will only gain in future elections.

I would go as far as to say that Svoboda (who are actually ethnonationalists, unlike some Ukrainian nationalists) wouldn’t have to wait for future elections, but could potentially take power through another revolution against the devastating IMF “deal” that Ukraine is being forced to accept. The Minister of Defense is a Svoboda member, so if the military would get involved in an uprising, it’s pretty clear what side they would take.

But that would also put Ukraine in direct conflict with the Putin regime, which is currently the only major power that upholds tradition and promotes a sane foreign policy. But, as Johnson notes, ultimately our movement stresses ethnonationalism and ethnonationalists taking power would be a monumental event for whites around the world.

Putin would rather have anyone in power who toes the Russian line, regardless if they’re a corrupt scumbag like Yanukovych. He is also not an ethnonationalist and his main goal is simply strengthening Russia’ position in the world.

In the meantime, it is best for us to support both Russia’s efforts at annexing parts of Eastern Ukraine, while supporting Svoboda’s efforts at taking power in what remains of the country. Both arrangements weaken the West’s hold over Ukraine and represent a rejection of modern liberalism.