There’s no denying that “The Folly of the ‘White Man March’” post provoked intense discussion on the topic of propaganda and its use within the American nationalist movement.

Propaganda’s chief purpose is to persuade and convince the uncoverted to listen to your side. It rarely relies on reason — it relies primarily on man’s basest desires and emotions. Man is attracted to appealing imagery, language and aesthetics that tug at the deeper core of his nature and ingrained beliefs.

The reason why the left is winning the culture is because of their effective and dominant use of propaganda to win the hearts and minds of whites. We know that their ideology is wrong and insane, but that’s reason talking. The left relies on emotion, along with high quality presentation, and appealing imagery to convince the Western world of the supposed righteousness of their beliefs and causes.

This is why it’s a good time to highlight an example of excellent propaganda created by our enemies in order to better educate ourselves in the art of persuasion. Here is an advertisement created to persuade viewers to support Congress passing the DREAM Act.

All of us here harbor little sympathy for DREAMers and we’re unlikely to be swayed at all by this advertisement. But we’re not the intended audience – its intended audience is average Americans. And how do they present their message? Watch and learn:

The key part of this video is the attractive, articulate, and relatable illegals they chose to represent DREAMers. Their stories would easily connect with the average American and elicit automatic sympathy from those who are not enlightened on this issue. They’re all in college, they all seem smart, and we wouldn’t mind having them come into our homes is the desired (and probable) reaction to an unsuspecting viewer.

They present the perfect image for their cause and that is why these illegal aliens were chosen. They weren’t chosen because they mastered some secret code word or had the best arguments for passing the immigration reform legislation – they were picked simply because they fit into a masterful presentation and gave the impression that DREAMers are all hard working kids who could get into Harvard.

It doesn’t matter if they are not representative of the vast majority of DREAMers (they’re not by the way), people aren’t going to take the time to actually research the matter. And why would they? If this is the image that they have of the children of illegal immigrants, then their minds are already set to have a sympathetic inclination towards their plight.

And that brings us to one of the main problems with our side, if not THE primary problem – we have an awful image within the American collective conscious. From Klansmen to Nazis to all around loons, the American public views white identity as intrinsically linked with what our society tells us is the ultimate evil. Worse, they believe that everyone who believes in this dresses up in funny costumes and is a person that you want nothing to do with because they must either be a psychopath or a complete loser.

We know this isn’t true and we know that what we fight for is ultimately good. The preservation of our identity is fundamentally right and we should never question that. But to the unconverted, our cause seems either sinister or wacky if we reaffirm negative stereotypes.

And that’s why The White Man March was ultimately bad propaganda – it reaffirmed the stereotypes that American society already had of us. Furthermore, it didn’t even show us as a threat, it showed as targets for mockery, which is an even worse outcome. If we want to win, we have to present an image of our movement that completely contradicts the implanted stereotype. We have to portray ourselves as normal, respectable whites that the best of our people wouldn’t mind associating with. We can’t further our cause if people still think of us as a bunch of crazies parading around in World War II uniforms.

We have to appeal to the emotions of our fellow people and the first part in making that happen is producing high-quality propaganda with great imagery. We owe it to our cause to be the best and not to simply do whatever idea is thrown out there.

For now, it’s clear that we should stick to the admonition of “first, do no harm” when pursuing any projects that have the potential to generate publicity.