Originally published at the defunct Daily Helm

In the future, historians will likely point out the defining moment of America’s decline into a soulless cesspool was this performance from the 2014 Grammys.

A white rapper named Macklemore performed his pro-gay marriage anthem “Same Love,” while Queen Latifah officiated 33 marriages, many of which were interracial and homosexual, all on primetime television.

They weren’t the only ones on the stage though–they were also joined by a lesbian whale capable of singing named Mary Lambert, a black horn section, and an old and wrinkled version of Madonna.

Latifah introduced the performance with the exhortation that whatever god the audience believes in, we all come from the same one!

What the fuck does that even mean?

For instance, there’s some pretty significant differences between Odin and Jesus. Also, I didn’t realize that secular theology now preaches that we all come from the same divine ancestor.

I’m also certain that you couldn’t use the philosophy of the old gods as justification for this performance.

During his song “Same Love,” Macklemore reminded the audience that our society was built on oppression, but no need to fear as gay marriage is one of the ways we can overcome that wrong.
If our society was built on oppression, every single individual who had participated in this travesty would have been taken out of society for good.

But hey, don’t get hung up on shit like that — love and equality are bursting through and trampling oppression in its wake!

It’s remarkable that the only major criticism allowd in the media was that it might’ve violated bourgeois taste and been a little tacky.

But most praised it for its inspirational quality and how emotionally powerful it was.

Because negro music performed by a white rapper, a fat lesbian, a self-righteous black female, and an aging whore is what America represents now.

This is our new morality.

I wonder if Thomas Jeffferson could’ve forseen that “all men our created in equal” would’ve led to this.

I wonder if our ancestors who settled this country and brought civilization with them could’ve forseen the country they built celebrating this.

I wonder if all the troops who shed blood and died fighting for America realized that this is the country they would’ve ultimately been fighting for.

America in 2014 isn’t the country Dinesh D’Souza portrays in his upcoming, hokey documentary America.

This is the America of 2014.

Here’s Bolt Thrower to provide the audio reaction to this grotesquery.