With the current crisis in Ukraine essentially pitting two groups of ethnonationalists against each other, it does beg the question if nationalists in Europe can band together for a common cause?

Good news – they can.

Hungary’s Jobbik has announced that is has formed a partnership with the Polish Nationalist party Ruch Narodowy for the upcoming, EU elections. They’re going a step further than previous partnerships in fielding a Polish candidate in Hungary and a Hungarian candidate in Poland.

While I’m not sure what’s the point in having a Polish Nationalist run in Hungary and vice versa, I think this is a positive development.

Another example is, ironically, the international observers who overlooked the Crimean referendum – they were pretty much all from nationalist organizations from all across Europe. From Jobbik to Vlaams Belang, nationalists did their part to ensure that Crimeans were allowed the opportunity to join their true homeland. This also highlights the fact that the one thing that nearly all Euro nationalist parties have rallied around recently is supporting Russia’s intervention into Ukraine (minus Svoboda, of course) and denouncing Ukraine’s new government.

It’s good to see some Eastern European nationalist parties overcoming the idiotic, petty nationalism that plagues them. There’s nothing more depressing than discussing the global plight of our folk with some Eastern European, only to be told that the real enemy is Russia, or Romania, or something else equally idiotic.

For our real enemy is not fellow, European nationalists — but the system that wants us all to have the same culture, the same beliefs, and the same corporate identity.

We’ll have to bond together in order to defeat this system and the retention of petty, ethnic squabbles will only hurt our cause.