Brain-dead Tarrant woman’s fetus is ‘distinctly abnormal.’

And that’s just the headline for this bizarre story of a pregnant woman kept on life support in spite of her family’s wishes. There’s also the fact that the baby she bears will be, in the words of the heavy metal band Death, “a living monstrosity.”

Death was only referencing crack babies in the song posted above, but this is a far more horrific scenario than that phenomenon. Living monstrosity is the only apt description for the product of this insanity. They can’t even determine the gender of the “baby”, it already has numerous deficiencies, and the chances of this entity surviving past birth are remote at best.

There’s even a B-grade horror film where a similar scenario is used to let the audience know that the villain is truly horrific. The villain was born from a dead woman’s womb and this alone was enough to inform the audience that he was some kind of monster.

And that’s a horror movie — this is real life. The “baby” of this woman would be lucky to live long enough to have its first breath out of the womb.

How can you call this life?

This case has become a far more twisted version of the Terri Schiavo case. Unlike that case, nearly everyone who is close to this woman wants to see her die with dignity and not be kept alive merely to produce a “distinctly abnormal” thing.

But the “pro-life” movement will have none of it. Protestors are already up in arms that this woman’s family just want to see this nightmare end and are pressuring the state to keep her on life support until the end of time.

Calling this movement “pro-life” is complete bullshit. They are not pro-life in any way, shape or form. They have a sick obsession with seeing any type of “human being” that is capable of shitting being preserved — no matter what the cost.

Our ancestors celebrated life that was vital and believed in dignified deaths for those who were no longer capable of truly living. The “pro-life” movement is the complete opposite — they have no regard for dignity, honor, or vital life. They just want to keep everything “alive” on feeding tubes and never want to come to terms with the fact that death is simply a part of life.

Opposing abortion should be separated from the silly label of “pro-life”. That movement is utterly deranged and would be better labeled as the “anti-life” movement.

(Originally published on the Daily Helm blog on 1/24/14)