It’s no secret that the Millennial Generation is underemployed, unhitched, unchurched, and lacks trust at record rates. A new study from the Pew Forum confirmed this, which prompted National Review to publish an article that bemoaned this state of affairs. I found myself nodding along with most of it — until it came time to offering solutions to the crisis:

If today’s events in Europe, not to mention of the last century, tell us anything, it is that a generation of young adults “unmoored” from the institutions of work, family, and civil society, and distrustful of their fellow citizens, can end up succumbing to the siren song of demagogues, especially if the economy dips into a depression. It’s for that reason, among others, that policymakers, civic leaders, and business executives, not to mention young adults themselves, need to redouble their efforts to revive the American economy and better integrate today’s Millennials into the nation’s economic, familial, and civic fabric.

Oh no — not demagogues! They might offer solutions that could radically change society and we can’t have that. Let’s just let business executives and policymakers figure out a solution — it’s not like they created the current shithole that is America today.

Actually, they are the ones responsible for turning America into a shithole with no jobs, no sense of community, and no culture. The first part of any program aimed at changing society would take power away from these individuals, not tasking them with solving the problems that they created.

Business executives, policymakers, and “civic leaders” have already crafted “treatments” for the misery of millennials, which include such noble solutions as addictive video games, hardcore pornography, and Buzzfeed listicles. They would prefer to dull the senses of our generation with bullshit than solve our actual problems. They don’t care we’re in debt up to our eyeballs, our long-term career prospects are abysmal, marriage for us is a racket and a joke, and the churches we were raised in have been turned into organs for spiritual Bolshevism.

Thanks to them, there is no “economic, familial, and civic fabric” for us to integrate into anymore.

But don’t tell that to baby boomer conservatives who still buy into the sham that is America. This piece clearly points out that they will still desperately cling to the institutions that hate them and seek to poison their children. They offer no real solutions to our problems, besides punting to the people who created the problems in the first place. They just want to make sure that “demagogues” don’t gain power, because that might threaten their precious institutions and moronic belief in an America that no longer exists.

We don’t need reformers or status quo conservatives — we need demagogues, we need radicals, and we need revolutionaries to create an entirely new system and ensure a future for our people on this continent.