White Identity is the greatest taboo in the world today.

Our identity is called a cancer upon humanity and anyone who dares support it risks swift retribution.

But why is our identity considered so evil and beyond the pale?

Why must our identity pay for the crimes of the past?

Because the system fears it more than any other idea.

For whites are the very creators of the system and the values that guide it. If we rejected those values and finally stood up for our own interests, that would cut the system at its knees and lead to a revolution in global affairs.

The system that rules us exists to perpetuate the power of the economic and cultural elites of the world. It imposes a new morality upon us and promotes universalism, egalitarianism, and hyper-individualism as its principles. It includes our own government and that of every Western European nation. It is not some shadowy conspiracy dreamt by men with tin-foil hats, it’s out there for all to see.

The sole purpose of the system is to retain its power and it will crush any threat to its survival with brute force.

That is why white identity is beyond the pale in Western society.

But it is well past time for whites to resist the dictates of the system that rules us. It is a structure that has led to our decline, manipulated our values, and will ultimately destroy us if no radical change in the state of affairs occurs.

It can no longer even sustain the prosperity of the whites who swear allegiance to it, as the economy of the West continues to worsen for the whites who built it and sustain its existence.

Whites have become the willing slaves of the system–and we must the break chains that bind us.

We must become Identitarians.

The primary purpose of Identitarianism must be the preservation of our identity–the cultural and genetic heritage that makes us who we are.

Our heritage is contained within the Homeric epics, the Icelandic sagas, and the music of Beethoven. It stretches back to Sparta, the glory days of Rome, and the primordial forests of Northern Europe.

Our heritage is within our blood and it is our duty to see that it does not perish.

Whiteness should be defined as the identity for the descendants of Europe who live in the New World. It should not be an abstract concept, but an idea of flesh and blood.

Without an identity, we lose our sense of being and we become even more willing slaves for the system that wishes for our extinction.

With an identity, we can shatter the unholy trinity of values that are the bedrock of this system–universalism, egalitarianism, and hyper-individualism.

The first principle we must push to establish an identity is to forge the concept of white consciousness. Without it, we would have no sense of our identity and no desire to preserve our people.

White consciousness is simply the belief that we are white and there is more meaning to it than a low quantity of melanin. It stresses that whites are a unique race and that there are significant differences between us and the other races of the world. Our features, such as blue eyes and classical music, are worth preserving and are unique to our race. We must see our own value as a people before we can initiate change within our world.

As Identitarians, we must propose our own set of values that can combat the poison of the unholy trinity. Those values are our own creation, and they are the seeds of our own ruin.

The values that would ensure a future for our people would be community, tradition, hierarchy, and ethnopluralism.

Community places the individual within a context that is larger than himself. The bond of tribe is what brought us out of primordiality and gives man a sense of purpose. Humans are not solitary creatures and they desperately need community. The ancient Greeks said that “one man is no man” and we must restore that belief. Your identity should be intrinsically tied with the community and your rights should be derived from that bond.  We must have a worldview that leaves behind our petty selfishness and seeks to create an organic collective that benefits the majority instead of being dragged down by the cries of individual minorities.

Tradition is the value that is immersed in the wisdom of the ancients. Our ancestors managed to overcome struggles that we cannot even imagine today and their values contain the wisdom of experience and the knowledge of what makes a healthy society. To reject them in favor of abstract principles is an insult to our ancestors and to our own survival. We must preserve and espouse Tradition to ensure our continued existence.

Hierarchy stresses that all humans are not equal and that there are inherent differences between us. Some make for good writers, others make for good plumbers. That is the way of the world and many of these differences are derived at birth. Hierarchy understands that not every person deserves the same set of “rights” or has the same capability. It also creates a natural order for society to cohesively operate and creates a social structure that is capable of catering to our natural differences.

Ethnopluralism emphasizes the duty for every people of the Earth to fight for the preservation of their uniqueness, which requires that they keep their customs and traditions alive and make them flourish. It understands that cultures are clearly defined entities that should not be steamrolled over by abstract principles. We don’t want a universalistic monoculture, we want ethnopluralism. While we wish for all cultures and identities to be preserved, our main concern should always be our own identity.

With these principles, we would be capable of imagining ourselves outside of the system and resisting its demands. Many Americans concerned with the preservation of our race still cling to the notion that America is somehow our country. It’s not. Its survival as it is now would only intensify our decline. We have to disregard the notion that the United States of America is linked with our identity.  

Instead of wanting to restore America to some imagined version of itself, we should seek to create the Ethnostate. The Ethnostate, unlike America, would not be based on the trinity of values that leads white people to commit self-genocide. It would be a state that is explicitly for whites and by whites. It would carry on our tradition and foster our culture in the New World.

Right now, we should not waste our time drawing up boundaries and deciding where we should place the Ethnostate. It should remain an idea that empowers ourselves and gives us a goal for which all of our efforts will work towards. And unlike Plato’s Republic, it is an idea that one day could be transformed from the imagination to reality. That is why we must strive for it and dedicate ourselves to its creation.

Before we get to the Ethnostate, we must build communities and an Identitarian culture in North America. We cannot continue to buy into this system, we have to develop an alternative now. We will not encourage violence and illegality, for they only serve the system and limit our growth. These communities will foster white consciousness and allow for Identitarians to bond and share a sense of purpose.

Identitarianism must transcend the mundane politics typical of our nation and focus on our situation from a metapolitical stance. It will allow for our cause to not simply be another political  action that can be rectified by legislative decree, but place it on an almost spiritual level. The Zionists managed to accomplish this very same thing and we should have the same zeal and imagination, as they had, for our own cause.

Our brothers and sisters in Europe have formulated the seeds of Identitarianism and it’s our task to forge an ideology that is fit for the New World.

We must not allow our children and grandchildren to be raised to hate themselves and live in a society that hates them. We must not allow our culture to die and be replaced by a culture that is better fit for a compost heap. We must not allow our blood to perish and for our unique, genetic traits to go extinct.

We must shout “We are Identitarians!” and let the world hear our cry.