As the world continues to focus on Ukraine and its latest upheavals, it’s the perfect time to highlight the great music of Nokturnal Mortum, Ukraine’s finest black metal band.

Hailing from Kharkiv, the heart of the allegedly Russia-supporting Eastern Ukraine, NM have not ignored what’s currently going on in their land and have voiced their support for the Maidan protests. A good indicator of the complexity of the situation in Ukraine and how well-intentioned nationalists have been swayed into supporting a cause that will likely damage their country even further.

Regardless of that, Nokturnal Mortum’s music is top-notch and they’re outfront with their Nationalist views. Despite politically incorrect lyrics and their unwillingness to conform to the confines of acceptable metal topics, Mortum has managed to attract a sizable fan base and has garnered many postive reviews on popular metal websites.

Their best album is undoubtedly NeChrist. Mortum majestically merges traditional Slavonic folk music with punishing black metal in complex song structures to make this album a challenging, yet rewarding listen.

Unlike a lot of black metal, this album isn’t all grimness and misanthropy. The folk parts are bright and positive, reflecting an affirmation of life and the traditional culture of the Slavic people.

Even the black metal parts are more triumphalist in nature than the stereotypical sound of the genre and exude a warlike atmosphere. If you’re feeling remarkably against the modern world on a certain day, this is the album for you to blast at maximum volume.

The lyrics are quite extreme though and might turn off a few potential listeners. The album is explicitly pagan and very anti-Christian. For instance, the centerpiece of the album is entitled “In the Fire of the Wooden Churches,” which is then followed by “Jesus’ Blood.” So don’t expect any odes to papal authority in this work.

But this is still a more positive album than the vast majority of RAC music and is a far more musically engaging product as well.

Highly recommended for nationalists and idenitarians.