When you want to see the average viewpoint of AmericanSWPLs, Slate is the go-to-choice to find out what our liberal, upper-middle class thinks on a variety of topics.

This week, Slate managed to cover Africa (you know that place for sending your Christmas donation) not once, but multiple times! And it’s only Tuesday.

Most attention has been directed towards Uganda’s incredibly over-the-top anti-gay bill, but two of the articles covered other topics that manage to reveal an underlying principle to liberalism’s current worldview.

Gambia’s president happened to call gays “ungodly vermin” and believes LGBT stands for “Leprosy, Gonorrhea, Bacteria, and Tuberculosis.” Now if a Russian official said this, we’d already have a boycott in the works and more calls to combat “hetero-fascism.” But since this is an African leader, different standards apply and white paternalism is dragged out to teach these “less fortunate” humans the greatness of liberal values.

While Western leaders, such as John Kerry, were quick to denounce the Gambian leader’s statement, a writer for Slate offered a different approach:

Instead, Secretary Kerry needs to reach out directly to Gambians to try to turn the tide of public opinion. To do so, he should use an analogy that would resonate with Gambians, a people who once travelled to North America in shackles on slave ships. Kerry’s statement should say that not only does the United States find President Jammeh’s statement reprehensible, it also finds it unfortunate—because it displays the same inability to grow and mature that defined the United States throughout the era of slavery and Jim Crow.

Gambians understand slavery. Every year in Banjul, the capital, there is a festival to commemorate Roots, Alex Haley’s book and subsequent TV series, which traced the life of an African-American family that originated from a Gambian slave.

It is time to reinforce to Gambians that the same type of bigotry that allows President Jammeh to stoke the anti-LGBTQ fire caused their ancestors to pick cotton in the American South. Until they can appreciate that arguments justifying these measures in the name of an “African culture” are misplaced, they’ll never fully accept the idea that LGBTQ Gambians deserve equal rights.

Colonialism tarnished the West’s credibility to speak about rights and decency. The fact that Gambia and most other states that criminalize LGBTQ acts do so based on laws inherited from colonial powers is a fact conveniently overlooked by President Jammeh and others. Also ignored is the fact that homosexuality didn’t just appear like a rainbow after the Gambian rainy season. A Ugandan LGBTQ group fighting that country’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill—which President Yoweri Museveni has now signed into law—just released a report documenting homosexuality’s history in Africa, starting long before a single Brit stepped foot on the continent.

Basically, the author wants to kindly invite Gambians to come over, let him pat them on their heads, and let them know it’s not their fault for being so homophobic—it’s white man’s fault. Your old culture was a society where liberal values thrived and it was those bad white, colonialists who imposed bad sexual norms upon you.

It’s the logic that Africans are essentially children and need their white guardians to guide them to the promise land (of more UN food grain, I suppose). Whites are to blame for all of Africa’s problems, yet only whites can fix it. White paternalism undergirds the Left more than they realize or would dare imagine.

In another Slate article, Christianity gets praised for being an agent of progress in one, certain situation. A Catholic Church in the always stable Central African Republic has decided to shelter persecuted Muslims from fellow Christians who would wish to slaughter them. Even though it appears the priests who man this church are black, the institution they’re apart of is still a product of whites.

Going with the logic presented here, the one sign that Christianity is on the side of progress is that practices white paternalism just as well as any liberal organization. The image that only the Catholic Church can save these Muslims reinforces the notion of white paternalism. There are some who might feel that this is somehow a “conservative” idea, but in reality,
it’s one of the main pillars of the modern Left and influences their views on welfare, foreign aid, interventionism, and a host of other issues.

This very idea drives our people to waste countless amounts of money and time trying to save other races and people, simply for the idea that we’re obligated to, while our own race slowly withers away.

It’s time for Africa to sort out its own issues without the help of fruity, white liberals who write for Slate.