The Mandela Myth

Over the past 20 years, Nelson Mandela has become nothing less than a global saint. South African writer and activist Dan Roodt join Colin, Andy, and Richard to discuss the true story behind Mandela's rise to power and fame, as well as what Mandela's imminent death might mean for the increasingly dysfunctional South African society.      

Murder and violent crime statistics fro South Africa
Genocide Watch on White South African farmers
Thus Spoke Jacob Zuma on AIDS prevention and other topics
Dan Roodt on Mandela
Radix I: The Great Erasure
Anthony Samson
Mandela and terrorism
Bram Fischer, Communist Afrikaner
Bishop Trevor Huddleston
Peter Gabriel and "Biko Mandela"
Dan Rather (not Ted Koppel) interviews De Klerk 
 "The Chronicle of the foretold" novel
Ronnie Kasrils 
Church St. Bomb
Nadine Gordimer
Lakshi Mittal
Ronnie Kasrils, "Armed and Dangerous"
Siener van Rensburg's prophecy
Elias Cannetti, "Crowds and Power"
Definition of "Genocide" 
Orania, South African