Rivers of Blood


Peaceful, egalitarian Sweden is ablaze. A British soldier is ritualistically decapitated in broad daylight as Britons passively watch. A man of the Right commits suicide in Notre Dame as a call to arms to French nationalists. Colin Liddell, Andy Nowicki, Richard Spencer, and special guest Roman Bernard discuss Europe's traumatic week.   


Video of Woolwich atrocity

Colin Liddell, "Extremism" and the Woolwich atrocity

Richard Spencer on the Fort Hood Masacre.

Gen. George Casey on diversity

Richard Spencer on armed diversity

Gates of Vienna, "The Swedish Lie"

Swedish Cultural Minister and the racist cake scandal  

"Mix it up!" (Swedish music video)

Assault on Swedish Democrats (carving of Swastikas)

Mars Attacks!: French President "negotiates a settlement"

Keith Preston, "We Will Win

Trikovic vs. Hoste on Islam

Dominique Venner's final statement

Roman Bernard, "His Name Is Dominique Venner"

"Femen" protest at Notre Dame