Nerd Socialism

Beyond space travel, aliens, and various layers of camp and nerdism lies the true essence of the Star Trek universe—idealized socialism.  Andy, Colin, and Richard discuss the franchise that has, perhaps more than Marx, informed the contemporary West's vision of egalitarianism. 

Fight the future! 


Joseph Campbell and Star Wars

Star Trek, "The Enemy Within"

The Prime Directive

Samantha Power

James Doohan

Paul Gottfried, "How the Left Won the Cold War"

The Occident Observer, "Star Trek and the Multiracial Future"

AlternativeRight, "Resistance is Futile: The Borg as Modernity"

Star Trek,  "Return of Archons

Star Trek, "Space Seed

 "The Needs of the Many..." (utilitarianism

Alexandre Kojeve

Leonard Nimoy on the Orthodox Jewish origins of Vulcan symbolism

Richard Spencer, "Star Trek and the Jews"

Raiders of the Lost Arc, final scene

Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Neutral Zone"

Communism in Star Trek

The Venus Project 

Star Trek, "This Side of Paradise"

Gene Roddenberry